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offices connected with the courts of justice ; and who had been, in those

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The Niam-Niams are endowed with Herculean strength. The merchants

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having seen the patients several months after the receipt of the

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to assure the patient in every case that he can positively be cured.

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ted our idea to perfection. By letter he thus speaks of it : " The

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should be to get the patient, with as little delay as

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waited, with some risk to the patient, until the acute symptoms

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writing ; and this importance is shown in more ways than at

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studied carefully by young physicians before they undertake to medicate

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flexure of the injured limb, together with gentle pressure over

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result of strained attention to my physical sensations, for the gentle warmth

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acid nitrate of mercury, and notice the result ; if favorable, return to the

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a pastime of this, as of other quackeries, especially the speculum,

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March 2d, 1857, with pseudo-membranous angina. There was intense

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Eighth — last but not least, Free ventilation is all impor-

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either side of the incision. A pouch of considerable size was

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that he would lose sight of the pressure for a few days — then for

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soon tired ; he has difficulty in reading small print ; and

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Thirteen days subsequent to this, I removed two fibro-gela-

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after which there was no farther descent of the bowel, and the

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into cod-liver oil, sulphuric acid produces in it a centrifugal movement,

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persistent and disfiguring, they are touched with the solution of the acid

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serious apprehensions were entertained, that this would be added

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rum. Simple syrup, molasses, and caramel, are also used to

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The Committee on Voluntary Contributions has examined the fol-

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