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difficult to determine their character and select means that exert
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Mr. Alexander Johnson, in a report to the Humane Society of
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investigators, and that his observations were too few in number
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at the same time it places the blood-vessels in a better condition
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employed to arrest Erysipelas depends upon the views
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while the thoracic wall becomes more and more distended with
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tails of his career. We saw him oif for the wars in
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nally, the mouth, rectum, and vagina. I believe the lungs
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character of the disease. In simple cases these symptoms are
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postatic congestions. I have likewise observed as a se-
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the sympathetic are among our most important therapeutic agents,
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debris either in solids or fluids, and experience has shown that
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quieting influence. Taken before an anesthetic, it is said to
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cough and evidences of cold, perhaps alternate flushing and
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dull, sleepy headache, indicating capillary stasis, which belladonna
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Pulsatilla, actea alba, helonias, phosphorus and the hypophos-
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Eugenia chequen is tonic, stimulant, expectorant, diuretic and
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oftentimes forgot his previous expedient so much as to fall
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no swelling of the joints, no tenderness over nerve trunks, but the swelling
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normal standard by the use of an arterial sedative, in the same
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A further daily report of the case is unnecessary. She
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This agent constitutes a superior medicament in colds, coughs,
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grazing friction is heard ; when more chronic, the sound becomes
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was opened in the a;-ray department by the trustees of the Boston
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the earliest ages, and that to these was added a new and
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The dark-brozvn or almost black color of the feces, observed
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at hand always but a limited providential stock for every
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cannot be dei^ended on, as is shown in a cliill, when the body
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hibit the mechanism of the production of diabetes, as the
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The capsule in the section examined (from the hepatic surface) shows
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make the examination by which it would have been detected.
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the progress which medical science is making even in Massa-
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ber, would in our judgment, which will be taken for what
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" Death in the lower animals from sunstroke or heat-fever,
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these various organs and tissues will suggest the rationale of
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failure, since some of the first men of the country have
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eases in which there is evidence of an impaired condition of mu-
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a different thing with ^^ congenial thinking'' in a foreign
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on pressure, and accelerated circulation, increased temperature,
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The length of blood-wave has reference to that condition
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ish reliable data by which they may be distinguished, and
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may be driven back into the body by air-pressure or by means of a
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seventeen sutures of silver wire, and was perfectly united
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not believe in the inoculabitity of syphilitic virus.
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constant pain ; colic, with sharp, cutting pains ; pains in the abdo-
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lin, horse serum, egg-albumen, gelatin, Witte's peptone, protamin