election of the Board of Medical Examiners respectfully submit

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of acute rheumatism with endocarditis which justified the diagnosis.

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friendly instructor to pass him speedily in his particular course.

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in labor at term. Between the umbilicus and pubes was an exten

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from falls bursting of guns explosions of gunpowder

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for nights spent in the dark room in printing and developing

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The questions given below are for three separate years and the

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view in regard to the possibility of portions of coagulum being carried from

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If radium be applied in a sufficient dose to the healthy skin

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spasm may be allayed by opiates or by the inhalation of some amesthetic

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can be cut off by a sufficient screen except the Gamma rays and

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my finger. A tc aspoonful of pus oozed through the needle. A

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sufficient for us to come at once to a positive conclusion the refinement

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of congenital specific disease complicated by various tuberculous

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that they are sometimes useful the ire is abundant testimony. Trial should be

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If Mr. Bergh really wants to make a sensation let him reproduce

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result of their repeated action is I should say one of the most

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and remove it several times without seeming to experience the

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the bodily temperature and that in lesions at the base of the brain

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the meantime he has lost one or two brothers with phthisis.

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In view of the importance to be attached to accurate differential

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of relajising fever patients show that the blood is only infective

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to Avhom a blank may be issued witli explanations. The advice of

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freely given to all the patients and their friends whc

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into the antiseptic arena and sketched the ghostly attires of the

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obstacles to the outgoing current of blood than vegetations on the surface of

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and I only stopped when the death books available were exhausted.

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them which had been much dinted by striking against

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secondly a glomerulitis with hyaline degeneration of the capillary

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Dr J. A. Armitage 58 Waterloo Road IVolverkanipton

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