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tention will be paid to anonymous communications. Hereafter, cor-
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tion due to Hodgkin’s disease. WestJMed 1989 Apr; 150:463-465)
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Fibber, George, Ml: C. S.E. , has been elected Hnuse-Surgeon and Secre-
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Dec. 1SS2, p. 936, gives the notes of the following
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doned for asking your attention to some special observations
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tuberculosis. A resolution was adopted on the compas-
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Diphtheria epidemics apparently due to milk began to be reported
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valuable, and a 0.6 per cent, is better tiian more concentrated solutions.
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coughs, full living, excessive drinking, or the suppression of some
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5th. They are made entirely of metal, and the springs are-
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cussion opened by Drs. John Spicer and S. H. Cannady.
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that in any later pregnancy the woman who has undergone the
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4, " Of the duties of physicians in regard to consulta-
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In a much larger proportion, hemoptysis seems to exert no effect