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accepted ideas of the use of drugs in effecting cures.
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Carter. — At Saranac Lake, New York, on Wednesday,
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tion for the benefit of the tubercle bacillus. More
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ing the act compensatory to this insufficiency of re-
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Ransom, S. W., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted thirty
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the Poets were clear and quick-sighted, when they made
Whereas, Heredity plays a most important part in the
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a half years, detained the Hamburg- American liner Presi-
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to end their lives. In St. Petersburg there were 25 sui-
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that this reaction is found in 99.6 per cent, of all
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hypnosis, elicited it was pictures of himself leading a cer-
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place in these cases cannot be denied, but it may pos-
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antrum or mastoid tip. Pain was deep seated, and tender-
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formed within the first twenty-four hours, when the
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closing of any oozing vessel or arterial twig by clot,
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ly coming in contact with the milk. In all the out-
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Hausner (Zeitschriff fi'ir orthopadische Chirurgie,
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that there is no evidence in experience for tiie be-
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ens not only our own nation but nearly all civilized
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sified and injected into the brain and into the peri-
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abscess on the finger of this man had been the cause
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usually those of infiltration or consolidation, with
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which excite the pancreatic secretion, have also their
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measles, but has not been so effective, the disease be-
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is furnished by the recollection of the thrilling word
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The references above also are strengthened by recalling
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myself T see is what you mean in not havinr" thought of
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inches from where the sagittal suture joins the lambdoidal
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.Tapan. but the Kano system has been adopted by the government.
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its ultimate discovery and utilization for the relief
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The Essentials of Histology. Descriptive and Practical.
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were under one year of age. The deaths from all causes,
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Dr. Louis D. Wilson, of Rochester, Minn. ; Skin Diseases
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neurosis, although a convenient peg to hold to, does
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use of the Bradford frame and without any plaster Paris case. After
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mal ; V. 20/15. The right eye showed signs of an old
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nated. Full information concerning the examination can
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the area or base upon which the pressure is exerted
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up of typical clear cells variously modified by pressure but