Mount of Calcutta drew my attention to this fact and

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becomes pale and cyanosed the skin is cold and ofttimes bathed in

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family itself is swallowed up and obliterated or its course is turned

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front behind and laterally from the root of the neck to the lumbar

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stomach often ending in hemorrhage the blood being both vomited an d

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erably reduced. I might give you illustrations of what I mean in

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the intermissions were characterized by inosuria phosphaturia and

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cacliectic wornout animal just preparing to abandon it.

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ing trocar. It was decided to postpone surgical interference until next day

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to return circulation from the pelvis and dyschezia which would

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Treatment. From what has been stated in relation to the etiology of

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such a respite occur it is only temporary however and the anguish soon

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tion of the patient the case was probabl one of chronic progressive

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somewhat awkward that Gall neither admitted hope nor alimenta

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present without any dilatation of the pulmonary artery or hypertrophy of

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lens commences to get stili and with each succeeding year becomes

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air which enters the pleural cavity through a wounded lung as in

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Cases are reported where the orifice remains open and pneumothorax

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According to the constitution of society in this our day and gen

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Exalgine was usually administered at the beginning of severe exa

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abrupt end every six years and although this makes no interval of

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vation in which recovery took place the patient took two grains of reduced

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partly to fashion partly to the unpromising nature of the subject.

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An innominate aneurism must be distinguished from a low carotid aneu

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ducing a murmur which is conducted to the apex Avhereas inadequacy of

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fibroid tumor nf llu uterus. The faets however of the youth of

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case was a bad one and the prognosis gloomy enough without an

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slowly and gradually withdrawing the instrument so as to allow

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Inflamjlatiox. Suppuration is rare except in connection with the caseo

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contraction will increase the energy of the heart s impulse produce

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against the insurgents had suffered defeat before the

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service or for mano uvres. It is scarcely probable that any one

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in frequency diminished in volume and power usually regular in rhythm

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has been caused some groups may generally be found in this state as

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proper forai for absorption by causing the starch etc. of vege

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diaphragm. It was felt to be engorged firm and not contracting

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my forefinger with little or no trouble. Each dilatation consumed

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ophthalmology otology the mechanism of the bones muscles cir

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obstruction to the general systemic circulation which results may subject the

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nancy and a healthy child is born the same with the ninth in

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undoubted measles in connection with the fact that the disease in

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unrestricted indulgence in liquids to allay the thirst which the

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uterine body unless poisoned Ijy g.nonJKPa or some other foreign

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may say that all the important symptoms are present whether the spleen ia

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suppui ating buboes in chancroid exhibit the difierent eflects of the virus of

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In a few days he returned saying that the truss was

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or lesser liability of the pericardium to participate in the inflammatory action.

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ful he quotes Nysten and Spies s experiment showing that air introduced

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that its removal causes temporary derangement of the blood making func

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manent record of their gratitude for the benefits they

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from the bronchial blood vessels is absorbed and carried by means of the