meters of mercury). The prognosis is grave, and the indication for the

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Under the term "swamp fever" there is described a disease of horses

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addressed to the public, asking a more prompt settlement of physicians'

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action to stop this vicious stream at its fountain head?" It

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For further information contact Saverio S. Bentivegna, M.D.,

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Public Health Bulletin No. 52. Reprints from Public Health Reports No.

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have always resulted in a fight or a hasty departure. Either

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proach used to detoxify (vis-a-vis maintain) persons

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Company, 1912. Cloth, $6.50 net; half morocco, $8.00 net.

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bladder drained, or the gall-bladder removed. There have been

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of the character of such symptoms will often indicate the

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especially the first two operations would more logically be

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Almost as annoying to the practitioner as the cases in which

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The International Medical Annual. A Year Book of Treatment

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An active or life member in good standing whose resig-

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balance. The fiber, not the cell, has received the major part

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civilization to expand into fertile regions heretofore deadly to white men.

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frequently seems to intensify various organic nervous diseases or to

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Publication of the notice of the annual meeting in the

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combined, and must be conducted in a public institution. 4. — The reports

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being equal, in probably nine cases out of ten, the prognosis may be based

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swollen and congested. Since the symptoms were not alarming and since