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tions are to moderate certain dangers associated with hypertrophy and to

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afford prompt relief. It should be given not much diluted. These remedies

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clearly as the circumstances and the want of diagrams would permit

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eyelids 2 external ear 5 female generative organs 10 ulcer of skin 2.

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Beddoe in his book The Stature and Bulk of Man in the British

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There were V2 applicants for license. The following were

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life will thus be spared. This institution does not seem

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and are almost invariably associated v. ith a similar condition in the right

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hair should bo removed from the scalp in the vicinity of the wound

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are very common in those descended from alcoholics.

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less amenable to quinine and arsenic than usual. The

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genous germs some forms of which are even more promptly and

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abnormal sounds but it is difficult to distinguish these from murmurs the

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It was probable in such cases treatment was efficacious by

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marked than in health. The white corpuscles may be very slightly reduced

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inflammation in the pulmonary tissues. Finally the progress of the case

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duced precisely similar effects. He believes that as previous

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paraldehyde 2 ozs. at a time it had given him Dr Clouston

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ether. The dia.LCUosis lies between a fibroid tumor of the uterus

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a hospital or alms house outside the north gate for the

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frequently seen the percentage of red corpuscles gradually sink under its

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of a ventricular aneurism may result. Usually such myocarditis is so slight

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malarial cachexia by which the powers of life are much less resistant to

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steady muscular strain for a certain time is much less fatiguing than

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versely that the microscopists and pure physiologists are not re

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ticui. Anremia has been supposed to be the causative condition. This sup

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individual experiences. To the question in that degree does alco

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Antipyrin a SuhstiUite for TracJieotomy in Dijihtheria.

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and rarely that much. He could not understand tlie cause of the

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