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among otlier classes of cutaneous sufferers. It is also observed that
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If the temperature is high, the tincture of aconite may be given in
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organize into a rudimentary being, and others form a sac to surround
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every reason to think a certaiii proportion of it may be carried off
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"here is n<> question but what medicines have sometimes hindered
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Still, it is a noteworthj^ fact that individual idiosyncrasies are so
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likely to be the case when the disease follows scarlet fever. In other
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I)hysician, Demetrius (/f Pepagomenus, prepared for the benefit of
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permanent paralysis, hemorrhage or the effusion of fluid into the
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Jaeger's Test Types — The method of testing the eyes by means
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abdominal wall, as a hard round ball, about the size of the child's
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presence of the grave general symptoms observed at the onset of the
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ways remarkable vitality. Their form and movement are observed
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and other habits are essential to prevent a recurrence of the trouble.
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The altered coloration of the skin may attract attention. In acute
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number of i)hysicians, and among them Begbie, have maintained the
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from "siew through infiltration of the scrotum and sheath of the penis.
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modifications of electrical contractility. By this term is meant the
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Physical examination shows either normal conditions or at most
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but always in large, amount ; Table II. , three or four articles in the
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and vice versa, are far more complicated than anything that we have
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an acute inflammation in the small bronchial air passages which
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breath. The breathing is short, shallow and difficult. The patient
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from its great weight and presses on the remaining organs, interferes
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able that salicin might exercise on the rheumatic poison the same
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dents to attend fewer lectures a day, and to have more
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many years ago, seem^ to support the contrary view, but his identification
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and Physiology." In 1847, when the number of profes-
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oatmeal and potatoes washed down with cold water that is only oc-
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not take milk, but that is purely imagination ; except in the case of
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Hutcliinson's views; but on tlie other hand all that has been said
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sized the imperfect and hasty mastication of food. In the mouth it
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mode of action all the fibrous textures and all the joints should sufi"er
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meeting, to report the result and vote accordingly.
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Abortive treatment must be applied early in order to be availing.
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disease, and is part of a widespread failure to deal with protein fractions.
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enlargement of its teaching capacity were increased
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"In undertaking tlie treatment of acute or subacute rheumatism,
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It is the duty of all mankind to apply their knowledge so far as
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owing to the disturbed condition of the bowels. The patient should
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uria of nephritis is well known, has been regarded as an occasional cause
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high fever, a trace of albumin with a few casts can frequently be found in