A travel is to be considered incomplete without a proper shopping schedule. Not only is it important to keep some souvenir for yourself but for your loved ones as well.

 When you travel to Dubai, there are plenty of shopping options to be explored especially in the malls built here. You can find pretty much everything in these malls pertaining to your needs. Although none of these goods are cheap in price, their quality is unparalleled. The best fact about these malls is that goods of almost all types are available here.

Since Dubai is a highly developed city, it contains innumerable malls. In such circumstances, it becomes necessary for a tourist to know all about the best malls around. Here are the names of the top 5 malls of Dubai.

1)      The Ibn Batuta Mall:
The Ibn Batuta Mall is the world’s largest themed mall. It has been named after the famous Arabic explorer Ibn Batuta. The six different courts in the mall have been designed in order to resemble the explorations made by the famous explorer almost 600 years back. The mall is rich in miscellaneous shops like restaurants, cinemas, cloth shops etc. During summers, it is the home to various local trends such as photography and local clothing.

2)      The Dubai Mall:
The Dubai Mall is the largest mall in the world. This mall contains all the new and high profile brands that are available today. The mall contains shops from all sections of importance including food, clothing and many more. You can also see The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo. Whether you are a foodie or a shopaholic, you have reached your destination.

3)      Mall of emirates:
It is basically a shopping resort that was constructed in 2005 as an ultimate destination for leisure and entertainment. There are just too many retail offers that you can enjoy and later take your kids to fun places such as multiplex cinemas, ski-slopes and a bunch of world-class hotels which makes it an ultimate destination for people from all age groups.

4)      Burujman center:
This mall is the high end of fashion in Dubai. You can find all the brands money can buy here without any exceptions. Both the brands including the ones we call ‘ready to wear brands’ and ‘luxury brands’ can be found here.  The mall consists of two parts namely old and new. The old part is the hub to almost all the brands whereas the new part greatly consists of the fun areas and the restaurants. No doubt this place is a real treat to visit.

5)      Deira City Center:
Its waterfront location and friendly service is a trademark worldwide. The visitors are greeted with a hearty smile from the staff of the mall and a cool bottle of water which makes this mall a real relief to the soul. You can find a great range of merchandise here along with local specialties of jewelry along with fine quality silk and other rugs. This multi-purpose mall is a must visit if you are in Dubai.