Dubai is a city of dreams where you will find many stunning beautiful places that are perfectly blended with art and modern architecture. Hence Dubai is becoming the most liked tourist spot among all the age groups. Given below are the top attractions that are must visit to complete your tour of Dubai and make it a memorable one.

Top 10 Attractions

1.       Beaches: Dubai’s beaches are the most beautiful ones with white sand and deep blue water to add to its beauty you will find many beach resorts.  If you are going for a Weekend break in Dubai then this could the best option to enjoy the nature’s beauty. To enjoy beaches to its max you can plan your stay at beach resorts.  There are many luxury beach resorts that offer private beach view.

2.      Golf: You will be surprised to see the green lush grass that shines that too in desert, however it is a beautiful view. You must try your hands on Golf to experience a world-class experience.

3.      Hot balloon ride: Seeing Dubai from ground is a great experience however seeing from a height is an unforgettable experience.  Enjoy this great ride in air and see how Dubai looks like from height of nearly hundred feet.

4.      Dune Bashing: This special attraction rather activity is only for thrill lovers, this exhilarating ride is all fun filled. Take the special SUV and experience what is called a roller coaster ride on the golden sands of the desert. This is the most special and loved activity so don’t miss this one.

5.      Shopping: Dubai is a shopping heaven for all the shopaholics; there are endless malls in Dubai that will make your shopping experience a wow one. Malls of Dubai have an exquisite collection of all luxury brands under one roof. The best part is in most of the malls you can bargain while shopping. So if you are coming to Dubai shopping festival 2014 then you have good change to buy wide range of products at discounted price. Gold ornaments are most shop in Dubai as you will find awesome collection moreover the gold is pure. If you are visiting Dubai during January then nothing like it as you can experience the best shopping festival ever Dubai Shopping Festival.

6.      Wild Wadi Park: for all entertainment and thrill lovers this place is perfect with endless water rides that will pump your adrenaline for sure. This water park is meant for all age groups as they are different rides few that are for fun few extremely thrilling and few scary but at the same time cater a unique experience.

7.      Desert Safari: This 90 minutes drive in mid of desert is the best one, followed by a barbeque dinner in mid of desert. To add to this you can see exotic belly dancers performing and you can also take camel ride.

8.      Burj Khalifa: your tour to Dubai is incomplete without paying a visit to the world’s tallest building. Burj Khalifa is extremely spectacular, and the view of Dubai from the top floor of this building is mind blowing one!! So book your ticket online to pay a visit to the balcony view of Burj Khalifa. Dubai looks even more beautiful and stunning from height.

9.      Skiing: In the soaring high temperatures also you can experience snow fall in Dubai all thanks to the Dubai ski experience. You can ski as on high snow mountains, play have fun even during summer seasons.

10.   Burj-Al-Arab: This is the world’s only seven star hotel which is known for its luxurious ambiance and superb food. If budget is not a problem then you should saty a day or two and experience a royal life,

Apart from the above mentioned places there is an ever ending list  of must visit places like helicopter ride, Dubai museum, Souks, dhow cruise, Children’s park and many more.