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great part is deposited in the form of fat instead of being burnt
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lymphangitis may be the starting point of a severe and extensive inflamma
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Pressure upon Veins. Localized oedema and cyanosis are two common
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arrested by making the animals inhale either the benzoate solution
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hydro pneumothorax and is sometimes heard when no other sign is present
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perties of solids amp g. Others of the Chinese have also
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vince of Canton at a distance of from five to seven
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There must necessarily be a great deal of crude reporting and
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Smith of Merchiston writes There is comparativeh little
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sion. The percussion dulness may extend beyond the area of the heart and
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size of a split pea. These were pale pinkish grey in colour several
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traveler on the line of the Kew York and ISTew England railroad
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Animal fluids exposed in open vessels to the air after sometime
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the eyes and looks ansemic but is not actually markedly so. He
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disease. Now there is no reason to doubt that under the conditions