Another constant symptom is pain in the left side extending from well up

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with the onset of a paroxysm. No doubt as Virchow originally taught and

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use of iodide of potassium for the absorption of fibrinous exudation were

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practised once a year except in the matter of timing the boys

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and is often the first symptom of which the patient complains.

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diac hypertrophy exists it cannot be regarded as a sign of acute endocarditis.

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parents on the other hand are concerned with the care of their

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much longer duration than those of angina. These differential points should

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logical significance. In very corpulent persons there is always much sul

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understanding of the origin and destruction of sugar in the human

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Committee of the New Orleans Medical and Surgical Association

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pirates. On one occasion seven men were brought in

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On behalf of the citizens of Oxford I welcome you as guests

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proprietor is not free from fault and is liable for the injury thereby

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discovery at one blow by showing that the supposed organism was

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in which neither of these complications became manifest. When there has

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clusively after long continued and accurate clinical observations and experi

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arrest of the current of blood through a vein rarely produces the serious

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These men must stand aside. The progress of our civilization

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have shown anatomical changes in the cervical sympathetic and its ganglia

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the class of schizomycetes and therefore it is not surprising that

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good. His mother stated that for two months she had not had a