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gave a positive reaction. Seven cases of gall stone colic gave 6
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dition results which is called aneurism of the heart. Cardiac aneurism thus
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phthisis nothing indicating the presence of tumors in the pericardium prior
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it is cither in a wound nnhealthy in character or flagging in its
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ance on three full tcims of medical lectures as a prc requisite to
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The Hospital at Hong kong. Principal Maladies that affect the
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varnish follows care being taken that each layer suc
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mittee to be at their treasurer s disposal for the Society s
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relapsing fever as observed by Ponfick in pyttmia by Birch Hirschfeld and
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With some cases even a weaker chrysophanic ointment is entirely
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pregnancy that is before the complete formation of the placenta
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Four days after the accident he was seen by Dr Bramwell
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is over which is in less than twenty four hours the Urine resumes
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present gt vithout the appearance of similar changes in other organs and there
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Gymnastics have always been compulsory at Loretto and
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cally resolved itself into an interesting demonstration of micro
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it ind it may have done good. I pushed the diuretics acetate
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tary or of personal taint Avhich may haA e aflected the general health.
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dissection was required to isolate it so that it could be brought into
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shoulder in particular being less marked whether this improve
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it is wrapped in cotton rags or any kind of cloth to
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in 1878 when a discussion on lymphatic disease took place Wilks exhibited
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must make sad havoc in the narrow lanes and streets
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it out the exact size and shape then taking up with
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tumor in consequence of its attachment to the trachea follows the move
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have occurred in Bellevue Hospital New York last November.
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tages of being free from the disturbances and inconveniences that
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not before seen a recovery under similarly grave circumstances
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hundred were slain. After rushmg into the city they
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enlarged out of proportion to the constitutional symptoms then
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eliminate deleterious compounds from the system and sometimes
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with or without albumen in the urine. I believe this is one cause
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shown that the actions on men and animals differ thai rabbits eat
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finding this plan sufficiently lucrative he had tried the
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information on special branches of neurology. Such are The
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dilated mammary superior and inferior epigastrics and the inferior vena
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sions of the act approved June 2 1879. What suggestions may be
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man 2 Those which depreciate the quality of the meat or make
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tion at the time but the details of such matters are soon forgotten.
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in connection with defective development of the brain and cord. In anen
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ten days I have seen all the dressing hitherto applied suddenly
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The first four chapters treat of small pox inoculation recounting
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counter to their susceptibilities and usages. Medicine had to be
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tered at 102.8 F. At my visit half an hour thereafter it was
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AisTTiFEBRiN Acetanilid is soluble in concentrated lactic acid
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aemia Hodgkin s disease or pseudo leukaemia splenic anaemia and idio
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outside the great east gate of the city. Its object is
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may be pleural fistules or sinuses opening into small pockets between the
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fighting was over the country people from the neigh
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Sung dynasty. It appears that he was amusing himself
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death under the appearance of sudden cardiac weakness.
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unimportant and by no means distinctive they are simply atrophic
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In very much the larger proportion of cases the patients are women. The
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beneficial in cases of nocturnal emissions the result of excesses mental
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on the changes wrought in the body the origin and cause of the
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and often surrounded by red blood cells and 2 hyaline degenera
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Pathology. A small coagulum may stop up the main branch usually
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sions gave slight but only brief relief and on other two occasions
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