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vb) Fat-associated substances are pnosonolipids, cnolesterol, carotene,
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ideas on entering a large open space), the dread of a crowd, of a railway jour-
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required for the Edinburgh degrees in Medicine. Courses of lectures
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retain essential swetness for only 1 day **11e stored at 80* F.* J>ut will retain essential
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on the dead body. Candidates must have filled the office of dresser
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infrequently associated with true apoplectic attacks of a light or even of a
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Physicians, Ireland — University of Olasgow^-^f Aberdeenr^Boyal
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such cases the patients may show a tendenc} r to imitate in dress and manner
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tions, but, on the other hand, it also occurs in members of the same generation
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importance in diagnosis. They are often unequal, and also show a reflex im-
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and motor trigeminus, etc. If there is a lesion of the pyramidal tracts in the
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ous, or it comes on in separate paroxysms, sometimes accompanied by vom-
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a. Elements of Food awl Nutrftiofi. Oowd andiOefit.
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gray cornua), the disease may even simulate the type of an amyotrophic lateral
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Symptoms and Course. — The manifold character and different functions
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oertain priyileges : as the opportunity of holding the various hospital
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of these must be Greek, and either Logic or Moral Pl^ilosophy, and the
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the disease must be sought for, at least in a majority of the cases, in a con-
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put in activity in walking, in grasping, and in all the manifold employments
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genuine intercostal neuritis as the primary cause of the herpes zoster, and
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and infiltrative changes are" only a secondary addition.
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" paralysis after acute diseases." Since in these cases we always have to do
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etc.). Besides local treatment, we must also pay attention to the patient's
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Every candidate for appointment in the Army Medical Department shall
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left and upward to the left and downward, and the right eye from the right
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This institution is connected by its teachers with the following^
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Medicine is given in the winter session, fee £2 2s. There are also
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sations of pressure which are produced by stimuli acting on the deeper
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weak; yolk well defined, slightly flattened. The, overall aua'utv
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partment arranges in consultation with the Departmental Counselor, a program of ap-
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paresis of the muscles. It is particularly characteristic that this ataxia is
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particularly as It relates to local purchase of fresh fruits and vegetables for resale,
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recognised by that college, or members of the English College of
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the aid of good methods of examination, a very considerable loss of the fine
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" Maria Stuart"; translation and exercises as in the other languages.
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hereditary, disease. The male sex is deciddly more disposed to the disease
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are free to exude k iL'f f^SSIhf sJIl??' ''''' ""^'''"'^
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In most cases we are limited to a general symptomatic and dietetic treat-
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structure and functions of the human body, or who wish to study biology from the phys-