ingested into the stomach than when injected mtothe stomach sub

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Avill refuse to continue the treatment as soon as they obtain such relief.

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the impulse. AVhen the walls of the heart become weakened by subsequent

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easily be brought about by the action of the mechanical causes already

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the two latter diseases will be more appropriately considered elsewhere. After

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Vaccination it seemed as if the time had passed when the profes

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size may be quite painless. It has been objected indeed that when pain

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beat while amemia is attended by a feeble cardiac impulse. The murmur is

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cially of bone the suppurative processes of phthisis pulmonalis and of scrof

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exercised capriciously and without the reign of law. A curious and

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Three days before his discharge Dr Bramwell s Senior House

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It is perfectly established that under normal conditions the volume of the

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ster has lately treated with curare a woman who had been bitten by

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being transmitted through the fluid. Owing to pulmonary oedema there are

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ference on the part of the government officers against

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feeling of doubt and shortly the utmost eagerness was

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much desired to prevent ventral hernia Moreover it was a

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moderated and altogetlier by next morning her condition seemed

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Insomnia and general nervous irritabilitv may call for palliative treat

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between the two principal meridians be comparatively slight very

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A Eussian captain reported that the measles had spread

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complete recovery will sometimes be secured through treatment.

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quarter of a pound there was no jioseibility of error in detecting if

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into the patches themselves. Kerion presents almost the only phase

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positive needle. This invariably determines the formation of a coagulum

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To Buchanan belongs the discredit of first systematizing and

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and a clot weighing about ounces was found. The question

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ventriculorum or through the patent foramen ovale. The duct is generally

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Dr. Penzoldt finds that the addition of jaebracho solution to the

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who had been captured at sea and were awaiting trial.

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mary process but is more often found as secondary to euchondromata of the

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of either occupy all his time devoting his energy to

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The value of capillary puncture of the intestine in cases of ex

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greatly simplified. The patient s bed can be brought along side the

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September he was able to walk a mile. The strength of his arms

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of disordered action in some cases. Of many thousand cases which have

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of malady suitable for their powers. There is now in the State of

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There is no pharmaceutical preparation of which I am more

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The chief characteristic of all the cases tuberculous and non

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hours 1 grain caused entire relief in ten minutes and the pain

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with or without albumen in the urine. I believe this is one cause