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solution, in the strength of 2 drachms to the pint of water,

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admit of its application. Adopting it under favorable circumstan-

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' ■'" 'IS oxide gas, I would not propose to use it so in all cases. In

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jected through the coverings, and sawing ofi" the bone at the same

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as well as the preliminary exploration, gave satisfactory assurance,

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Tragacanth, 6; glycerin, 18; water to make 100. (U. S.)

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tile oils are stimulant and diuretic ; while in poisonous doses

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much diminished in vigor at the close of the experiment, but gradu-

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water. Is free from pain everywhere; pulse 120, weak; mind

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and liver cells and elsewhere in the form of dextrose (glucose)

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to show how errors in the dia,2:nosis of such cases may be made.

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last by the Medical Faculty, at which the students and many of the

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better or worse. The mortality cannot be stated, since the patients

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counted for by his occupation, viz., a sedentary and mental pursuit

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making the secretions less viscid are in order. If the mucous

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wick, began, in May or June of 1 854, to have a " burning sensa-

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action of opium upon the nervous system may be summar-^

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cerebral hemispheres. Inferior aspect of cerebellum and medulla

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Deaths in Boston for the week ending S.itnrday noon, Feb. 14th, 66. M des, 37 — Females,

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Two cases are occasionally met with in practice, in which it is

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at Ilaltoras Inlet, and \\^ to this time lias done no duty with tlio

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in others the tubercle having certainly been in a state of obsolescence.

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vontinns of the rebels diirin? the war, viz.. that of pourinf^ turpcn-

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<"ari be distinctly seen beneath it. The benzine immediately and en-

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secretion. Chronic pleuritis, pericarditis, and ascites are

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cht. No. viij. S. One every second hour until used, and then fol-

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serviceable as antidotes in the treatment of poisoning by

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time, the hospitals and armies of the eastern portion of the country.

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solution, on quinine sulphate suspended in water ; filtration,

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30 parts of water, and readily soluble in alcohol and ether.

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of Dialysis, which we owe to ]\Ir. Graham, the present Master of the

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as the plasters become fixed. I have often found it convenient to

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juice, as the chloride. Some of it is absorbed, however,

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gauze in a I per cent, aqueous solution of creolin, and

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landed were sent directly to the hospital, without stopplnir at any

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fct?tid odor. So, too, when the feet are not frequently cleansed, and