tablespoonfuls daily will make eight per cent, new blood weekly.
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was believed that the epidemic was due rather to the overwhelming
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of its genial climate I would commend Dr. A. C. McCauts, of Jacksonville, as
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Maj. Robert li. Pratt and Cajpt.. John F. Park, M.C., U.S.A.
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had done more good than any thing else. Never relieved under
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that we used it at the commencement of fever, with a view of checking
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have arrived at the following conclusions. 1st. That epidemics of fever
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vomits, jalap purges, or opium causes sleep — when chemistry detects
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circumstances. Tliis patient was attended under my directions by Mr.
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also very extensively recommended by army and navy surgeons, in the
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In addition to the remedies already mentioned, I can speak with the
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cohol is doubly distilled, sugar of milk thoroughly purified and
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tion as the disease proceeds, every thing which he thinks illustrative of
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6 inches to a foot deep — and sends part of its fragments and the material
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that coma, dilatation of the pupils, &c., may occur without effusion, or
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Rhees, Morgan J., M.D., Mount Holly, Burlington County, N. J.
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M.D., of Topeka; R. M. Huntington, M.D., of Wyandotte ; John J.
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recollect, too, when the prostration and weakness which accompanies
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was then 120; the blood urea was low^er than at entry; the urea index was
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consequent loss of nearly all the food taken; as well as by the