sent cases are always occurring where in one court a magistrate or a
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^denly ceased, and though everything was immediately donej
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they were advised to try the inunction method of disinfection
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the supposition that certain of these structures were plasmodia
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not within his personal knowledge is unjustifiable, and no medical man
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by Act of Parliament. Advertisements of quack wares,
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the records of those who have had the largest experience and
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sight of Orotava one feels a sensation of tranquil voluptuousness, ot
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with each other, and with the facts of the case. No amount
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counter irritation largely, and had persevered with the cod liver oil. He
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manner : (o) The infection carriers may pass directly from the diseased
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Von Vivenot found it fall to 4 or even 3 a minute. Inspira-
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the principles and traditions of religious and Parliamentary
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Rohleher, Ozzard, Boase, McAdam, Egan, Irving, Law,
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*Frederick William Pavy, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S; *Thomas
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shut off thegeneral peritoneal cavity. The sutures,of course, are
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in number, and relate chiefiy to the blood of the rabbit, and'
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Society to add a loading of three years to the ages of all
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centage of inorganic matter in which calcium, magnesium
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»,* In forwarding books" the publishers are requested to State tbe
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shows that even the subcommittee are not unanimous in
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eflect an exchange on the Ii ro«ter are to he forwarded to the Prin-
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in a gymnasium, alighted on the edge of the mat, twisting
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Patna during the absence of Surgeon-Lieutenant-Colonel P C. Nicholson.
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on the general sanitary condition of the York Rural District. It contains
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cluded in the Transactions. But it was a condensation of a
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has occasional fits, but they are very mild and at longer in-
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Union on account of tlie matter. Mr. Lawson Tait having ex-
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other horn of the dilemma on which he was thrown was
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• ■ ' ' -■ ; '■ ■ • ' DiAON'osia."' .'' ;
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the Association, were elected members of the Branch : William
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and relegates to their proper place the hypnotic investiga-
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lescents in question, that one is forced to the conclusion that the infec-
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other sanitary arrangements. The public attention which has
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occurs, in 35 S. latitude to 60°, and off Rio de Janeiro 78° is
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by them at another. It is the sheerest verbalism to argue
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annum, with residence, board, and washing. Applications to Howard
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continue so long unchecked, as if the value of human life
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for its inimeiliate extension." It is pointed out tliat consumption hos-
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ditl'erent points of reference, in addition to its general pecu-
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been ventilated very fully in the lay and medical press, and
minecraft slimexpansion
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this especially is seen during cell division : the nucleus
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the exemption of patent medicines provided for in the 16th
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South-eastern B^_anch : East and West Sussex Districts.— A con-
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7th, at 4.30 P..M. Professor Grainger Stewart will be present and will read
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Harrison showed an extensive collection of dental anomalies.
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versity which respected itself, and, like Professor Virchow, he
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