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Hemorrhage is not an early symptom. E istaxis has been noted but not

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On her first arrival in Portsmouth the medical officer recom

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nosis. Doubtless these symptoms however suggestive of pericarditis may be

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tive feebleness or adynamia as in the advanced stages of diphtheria or after

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Under these two theories and the arguments offered in support of them

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to the United States he received a commission of Colonel in the

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given him he was put to bed and fed and nursed care

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zone of inflammation which rapidly converts the whole area into a broken

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the origin of cow pox and small pox and many other diseases fi

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Smith he was greatly interested in the study of growing humanity

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pleura. Sometimes the rupture occurs at the base of the superior lobe about

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disseminated sclerosis lateral sclerosis Friedreich s disease paralysis

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mond M. I. Read before the Medical Society of the State of New

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The lymphatic system may be considered an appendage of the blood vas

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heart kidneys and other viscera and also of the skin or of some

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proposed 1814 the introduction of a small canula with a very flexible substance

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abstract heat cold should never be employed more sevei ely than

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English and American writers. Basedow s disease is the name given to the

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Reportof the Special Committee on Medical Examination before

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The book before us is based upon Riche s Manual and will be

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cocci was obtained. The chest was drained about 5 ozs. of pus

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Ijoultice. The abscess cavity should be washed out with boracic

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Graves fed fevers. And yet just hero caution and judgment are

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Traces of dextrose glycose and glucose or diabetic sugar have

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w ith leucocytes and leukemic tumors may occur generally situated in the

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special symptoms. For this reason it is not surprising hoAV authors have varied

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pleted and asked to have it referred by title to the Committee on

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dependent they might denote grave disease but if not thus dependent they

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borhood of the hilum or from those which accompany the bronchial diseases

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to food sweetened with saccharine. Bees Avasps dogs and cats all

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bottom of an angular iron groove of the same length

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relative to the sequential history of alcohol as exhibited in their

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impose delicate and irresponsible duties that would rather not be

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tion and respiration and at times sudden death. With the exception of

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avert abortion a nd miscarriage may tend to strengthen the growing

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our specific and other remedies and aliments whether we are treat

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Passing over the other eleven articles as they may not interest

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general apparatus were all lost in the conflagration of

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mucous membrane was almost flush with the abdominal wound.

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will at first almost certainly show no sign of fluctuation. Coincidently with

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heart and blood vessels do not present any constant changes the heart has

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