ignorance of the public about venereal disease supposed that

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of the pulmonary artery. This view was proposed y Morgagni in connection

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to be of universal application. Let us remember that the honor

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much money is taken from the State never to return is secondary

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eration Avas detected in 28 cases while it remained unafiected in only 10

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per bed in 1863. In St. Bartholomew s Hospital the milk bill had

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The blood is usually clotted in the heart and vessels and the aggregation

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alone. The disease may be general affecting both coronary arteries equally

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variations in the number of corpuscles every few days at one time great

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the manipulation and that the cardiac circulation is thus facilitated.

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operations in that city. Dr. Parker vigorously pursued

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is irritability of temper but sometimes in children extra cheerfulness has

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object in general terms is to place the patient under the best attainable

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udation and endosmosis. These are favored by the single homogeneous walla

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The Committee on Credentials reported the names of Drs. John

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number sent to qualify as instructors for the army were selected

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quantities of ether were applied continuously by the open method.

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to preclude wounding the auricle high enough to avoid the diaphragm and

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absorbi g the virus. Sweet oil Avas given Avhen he vomited the

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comes to the office of the general practitioner is one that cannot be

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Admitting most fully as previously stated the great

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seat of the tumor will produce symptoms of obliteration of that artery and

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of the valves and especially of the aortic valve atheroma of the coronary

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tory disease of the lungs intestinal canal or serous sacs jaundice

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have described. Not only is it useful for compound dislocations it

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medicine was displayed each root sewn with silk to its

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As illustrations of the value of spectacles in this class of cases I

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the inevitable with a dignity born only of true greatness.

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Combined and alone digitalis has been prescribed by many physi

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is thoroughly cultivated it has almost re created the study and

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dered to remain in bed until 7 o clock each morning thus securing

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taught all these branches with thoroughness and personal attention

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inches long in the linea alba and opening the peritoneum I reach the

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February 15 and then relates this incident A ship stopped at

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preparing the kumys I select two which I have found to be the

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the local circulation in the kidneys by the obliteration of vessels increased the

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tnow of any corroboration of the observation of Johnstone above mentioned

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in all directions. The chief was said to have got away

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sublime doctrines of revelation have been declared and

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the temperature reached 104 F. and 107 F. in eighteen ont of

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of sickness and delivery at full term occurred. He wondered

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through the embrasure of an extemporised fort on the

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and repose diminish it. This form of dyspnoea is likewise accompanied by

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grains of chloral with thirty or more of bromide of potassium

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unusually accompanied by enlargement of the liver. Ascites Lowever is

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be homogeneous throughout but this is extremely rare for in the same clot

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Original coniraunications are solicited frotn all parts of

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hours and continued indefinitely. In cases the opposite to the foregoing

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IS ounces per 1 000 cubic feet of space to be disinfected.

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an altogether unqualified one. In the case of many of them as of

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reached quite satisfactorily. The pulse was good but if an incision

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envelopes after peering over them inquisitively she

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number of minims it took to discharge the color contained just a