appearances found in the veins especially of new born children are attrib

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Finally the following resolution was formulated That the

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regurgitation is mitral disease either stenosis or regurgitation. Any con

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often then the elbows ankles and shoulders. There may be repeated

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the pubic arch and slipping to the parietal surfaces as the change is

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interesting feature of the case during life was the circumstance that

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since. The second case was that of a young girl of 13 whose

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not that broncho pneumonia even of limited extent reveals itself by stetho

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prrecordia. It does not shoot into the upper extremities it is increased by

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unfavorable to the project are suppressed and excuses for failures

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delineate. At times the cardiac coagula manifest their existence quite as

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frequency of epididymitis as a complication of gonorrhoea may

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Pathological Anatomy. Except in injuries caused by the penetration

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itant symptoms than upon the physical characters of the enlarged organ.

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Euclid from the seventh to the fifteenth books. The

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history. Boys with an unfavourable family history of heart

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without associated pleurisv it will not be likely to extend farther than the

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The lymphatic system may be considered an appendage of the blood vas

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the patient limps and in man cases is suddenly pulled up as the

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supposed that this met the case but it probably does

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up a series of tables full of instructing figures instituting a com

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becomes engaged in the most contracted diameter of the pelvic

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been the relief of physical sufferings it has furnished

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after the rain by sharp cold. There is always a large

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tion as turning is practiced earlier so far will it be attended by

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covering a small area at the North End of Boston 76 cases of

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Chronic aneurism is almost confined to the left ventricle and as Cruveil

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Notwithstanding the diminished proportion of fibrin in typhoid fever and

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best results were obtained when administered during the premoni

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from long acute diseases after profuse hemorrhages after emaci

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tomy and demonstrations with the daily treatment of

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and Spleen. Some of the cases then described were undoubtedly examples

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veronal than he would think of prescribing water he would never

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is sometimes a prominence of the costal cartilages over the heart and the

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tion insomnia and a daily temperature of from 101 to 103.

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thought possess the objects of his charity it is protested

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wants the State peopled with the healthy not with she diseased.

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that these remedies have any special therapeutical effect in this affection but

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the eye which rendered air oi eration necessary I present yet

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also were carried out for the benefit of the patients

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sensual movements of the upper eyelid and the globe when the latter is

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ward instead of backward as normally and thus passes through the trunk

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observations made does not justify any definite statement with

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and iDy the lesser extensibility of the intima than of the adventitia.

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pierced to the resin and a shorter hole in the side for the

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I am quite aware that fragmentary records of thermometric

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possess great facilities for communicating with the in

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pleasant manner of its learned author. It is not a treatise on the

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capable of producing or promoting putrefaction. This septic

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the scope of our work is not sufficiently understood nor its im