plan and he operated so frequently and successfully as to demonstrate its

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method of dilatation cures by reducing the uterine malposition or

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and spend the same time over them as he had devoted to the

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brino inf the remedy into more intimate local contact with these

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Dr James Ritchie Jitnr. gave a demonstration on Wasser

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adopted tlie plan of anaesthetising animals in a box and thus

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the Kentucky State Medical Society May 14th 1879. Published

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been extensively read and very favourably received

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effects of ether inhalation during the labor and so far it is I

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everybody deeming himself caj able of such Avork has been applied

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the former causes then antipyretics were indicated but if to septic

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svmptoms which are wanting when the infrequency is the characteristic of a

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second time the gun itself burst and he lost his arm

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The patient was then dried flannel cloths etc. put on he was

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and definite influence in causing contractions of the uterus. 2. An

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tration which was discussed yesterday the Board of Examiners

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the remarkable influence of hope and expectancy did nothing

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The combination has been used in several very frail old men

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subject matter which supplies the main topics for discussion in this

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three nuclei not colored grouped together often eccentric and in some

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Prognosis. Graves disease has no direct fatal tendency. It may not

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greatest and the circulation feeblest there the dropsy will be found

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and if the temperature is raised venesection should be immediately

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Treatment in Relation to Constitution. In the treatment of

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any material degree. The cardiac sounds become less and less distinct as the

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the crime than by the fee which the offender is dis

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instructive when from time to time especially in some of the

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former pulmonary fibrosis or emphysema with accompanying hypertrophy

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Our medicinal therapeusis too guided by an advancing physiology

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organised gymnastics and games. At St Leonard s and the

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Our illustrious Commanding General John B. Gordon Governor

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of life. His experience with regard to the actual time that patients

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A transverse section of a segment of an auriculo ventricular valve shows

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pliysical diagnosis has special pathological significance but simply indicates

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resistant difluse painful and tender swelling involving the inner aspect of

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rheumatism. But it is a frequent disorder. Sibson Avith large experience

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known and were appreciated. The amount of suffering

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Pink gills among the agarics can almost always be found where

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Congestions also occur in other localities and especially in the solid abdom

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ularly emphysema and cirrhosis there may be sensations of uneasiness in the

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The following is a report of a case in which the wound was

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a foreigner s renting a house was soon overcome and a

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late Dr. Cotton at the hospital for consumption failed to show

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ventilating their rooms and of the low state of health which was

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afraid than atropia and certainly there is none which hoth from

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wiped off the skin and to the denuded surface applied morphia made

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oped in a vein already varicose. The coats of the vessel become thickened

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an aneurism. When the diagnosis of an aneurism is established or confirmed