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Degenerations. Fatty changes are very common particularly in the

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In many cases of chronic dyspepsia in childhood the symptoms

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in the life of the boys at Loretto I endeavour to show you.

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jeopardy. The extraction of a tooth should be absolutely prohibited. Occu

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human life and owing to its hazardous nature most dangerous to

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tor he has his share to perform and should do it gladly rendering

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of the electrometer were photographed and it was found that the

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the same time in different cases. The effect of averaging such

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This is a frequent cause among medical men whose hands and fingers are

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The powers of systemic resistance to ill timed medication is won

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pleural cavity. Very soon however the presence of air produces putridity

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the public jn ejudice against them. Their judicious use is already

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the immediate vicinity of the gall ducts. Other peculiarities of the blood

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capable of taking np more oxygen than usual and carrying it to

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of the river and conflicts were of regular occurrence.

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of acute disease and fever. He could recall a case of typhoid fever

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workman sitting at his table with the rows of tens in

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Greenhow speaks of the good effects of the citrate or perchloride given with

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individual observation by masters and medical officers such as

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cured but that a treatment of two or three years is necessary has

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a chemical reagent and is only serviceable while we are giving it

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but he concluded to have it performed. He suggested the adminis

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and serious disease and recognised as such for the first time. We

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scribed Aletris Cordial to be taken in drachm doses four times a

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general apparatus were all lost in the conflagration of

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who have a prejudice against it. There is also reason

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gow in the year 1350 but some hospitals were founded much earlier

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dose should not exceed 25 grs. Haematoporphyrinuria is rare

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tint. As Arnstein has shown the bone marrow may present similar changes

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but from its being a visceral rheumatic affection. It is moreover fi equently