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between the ages of six and twelve months all but one was attacked.

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passed into complete obstruction. Operation was performed

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occurred in the relapse. The longest interval I have known was

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are sorry they did not do as they were told but that

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protected by a previous attack of measles. Therefore Ave must

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Angiomas. Case 4. A female patient aged 24 recommended

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tools files nails scraps of thin cast iron from broken

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fields of usefulness now laid open and to continue their

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heart a by excitement b by stimulation of the heart by the

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grains of quinine a day and a mixture containing muriate of amni

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Dr. Whittington said there is a medium that ought to be reached.

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other parts or by metastasis. In pseudo leuksemia or Hodgkin s disease the

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In other cases the entire conus may be uniformly narrowed this change

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creasing oedema and albumen in the urine without casts. He had

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The peroneal group of muscles though still exhibiting R.D.

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the satisfaction of those Avho are daily propounding anxious ques

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trating the modern rule that all such cases are to be treated

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of the convoluted tubules with the formation of hyaline casts

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training for the task. The best equipped and most carefully trained

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the cheapest doctor who too often was an unlicensed practitioner

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Our present knowledge on this subject was first shaped by Virchow since

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been witnessed fully to conceive of their interest.

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to be at his control as to its appropriation the two

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until the file is cut over the entire length. It is

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sound without any evidence of hypertrophy of the right ventricle being

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In 1844 Dr. Parker reports that after an absence of

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nosis between laryngeal diphtheri i and croup on the spur of the

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sound enough to avoid the accumulation of fluids in wounds.

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may participate in inflammation of the neighboring organs. Even then as

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kenzie Coupland Bramwell Bradbury and others. In this country Pepper

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was extraordinary as he seemed shrunken away showing that the

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And now in conclusion I would say that this crude paper has

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tive positions to each other but each communicates with the improper ventri

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pire many of the difficulties of acquiring the language

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softish exudation in constant agitation. One layer of lymph may be super

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personal observation and necessarily will differ wdth different observers.

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with maximum intensity near the base of the ensiform cartilage. These

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preceded by oxygen 4 nitrous oxide and ether in sequence

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sounds especially the second may be indistinct or muffled or the second

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necessity for resorting to more heroic ti eatmcnt. at the same time

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tive feebleness or adynamia as in the advanced stages of diphtheria or after

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rheumatic pains or swellings in the knees and ankles.

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with marked depression. The physical signs are the same. Indeed there is

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ton and was the initiative of the proceedings that led

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The pale sallow complexion the pallid lips the extreme anaemia and gen

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accompanied by precordial pain Thurman thinks them almost conclusive of

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obstinately contracted Note now that though the pupils are

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indeed to us a pleasure sweet as it is refreshing and exhilirating

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other matters to a sense of tlie danger that encompass them. Upon

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racing. The matter was at once taken up by the Medical Officers

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and more frequency and with increasing severity. Under these circumstances

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impose delicate and irresponsible duties that would rather not be

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method of ascertaining the strength of glasses needed by a simple

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rials which they require giving in exchange those chemical combinations

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a severe affliction has fallen not onlj upon this Society but upon

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lated with one hundred of alcohol for several days and the liquid


terminal clots are somewhat stratified. The form of these clots is variable

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the physical signs may show that the lesions involve neither valvular insuf

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have a general significance however except when the vena cava superior is

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symptoms to attract the attention of friends or physician are of a serious

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condition to an increase in the colorless corpuscles. A case of Rokitansky s

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and strange to say that mortality from consumption is below the

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ceeded to pump the lluid through it. This was easily accomplished