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wanting than when both are present. The degree of frequency varies but

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chronic course exposes the heart to fatty degeneration and 3

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Avanting. Every case should be auscultated both front and back because

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owing to the artificial constriction of the feet in Chinese

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stirring a thick emulsion taking a small mop made of soft linty

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was chiefly blood having the appearance of black vomit. He also

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Bacterial Poisoning by Whiskey and Quinine. Paragraph 223

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and in the adoption of the remedies. Much attention

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The publishers part of the work has been well done and there

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Chalmers Hospital by Dr Murray Lyon on account of prostatic

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first time since he had been under observation he remained entirely

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tifully finished double kettle in which the ginseng is

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corrosive sublimate iodoform thymol eucalyptol or any other.

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functional disorders of this organ all their lives whereas some appear to be

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them at a particular period and illustrating their in

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pleted and asked to have it referred by title to the Committee on

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its surface a pellicle containing the cells or some fungus the por

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returning them at their own cost for the fertilizing material gained.

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ness. The qualitative differences Avere deviations of form of position and of

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peded venous circulation will be present. These changes will be considered

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ox flesh lentils and bread and milk the two former ingredients

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Dr. Julian M. Baker read his report on Progress in Pathology

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Kingzett says in his Animal Chemisty p. 180 In cholera

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piece of workmanship consisted of two panels of red

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tween the application of sewerage to tlie removal of domestic and

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rapid heart and the number of the respirations while the fact that

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outgoing vessels of persons detained at quarantine in pursuance of

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sewing through the entire thickness of the abdominal wall and the

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Simple acute or idiopathic pericarditis is comparatively rare and some

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never changed since she had been bought five months before for

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and again healed. Finall it remained more or less patent dis

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the simpler method of considering them under the one comprehen

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friends consult some physician who examines the case

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oxide of chromium. IMacMunn s observations on the spectroscopic appear

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not cause the death of the patient but are simply secondary effects

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Having now dwelt on the method and spirit in which therapeu

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Lectures on Electricity in its Relation to Medicine and Surgery.

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pulse lowered some ten or twenty beats. If the pulse does not come

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which would enable them to enter upon the highest grade of the

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Prolonged mental anxiety is often inseparable from the events of life.

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altogether failed. Their steel was hard and they could

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keeping bo s carefully secluded from all risks the proper training

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a long incubation stage although exposed for that length of time

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reach the lung as where the collateral circulation remains imperfect or as seen

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which Avas fi lIowcd by still greater improvement. The patient felt so much

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examination we find a weakened impulse feeble indistinct first sound and a

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We desire to ask your opinion on another point viz The Board

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external pointing and evacuation into the viscera seemed threatened.

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to this arrangement and resolved on the ejection of the

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passed and finally the bones of both legs united pro

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importation for pharmaceutical purposes. The importation into

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grains of sugar to the ounce of the urine tested. The accuracy of

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land of ours who have never seen a Phannacopoeia of the United

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distance to put themselves under my professional care.

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me the history symptoms and treatment never referred to any