matory states of the urinary organs ; suppression of urine and
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ness. Extremities cold. Vomits ever}' twenty minutes.
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if the mucous membranes are dry, and there is a scanty secretion
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associated with children having whooping-cough ; catarrh of
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well ones, and remove them to well ventilated quarters,
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fullness in the epigastric region, demanding an emetic ; a uni-
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This disease is incurable. And the sooner the animal
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rapid accession of the hot stage, which is very intense, lasting
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in a tendency to softening of tissues and sloughing.
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Morphine possesses essentially all the medicinal properties of
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ject, Wallis, in Dublin, and Ricord, in Paris, are by far
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from some disease of the respiratory organs. While the pulse
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Douglas cul-de-sac^ but the patient eventually died from
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these of intestinal fermentation. The prognosis in these cases
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near the lower pole; in one on the diaphragmatic surface, and in
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on the writings of Dr. Scudder and more recent authors, includ-
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dilate the pupil in iritis, choroiditis, beginning of peripheral cata-
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again the ^'simple" in their turn, under the same ostensi-
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dently of the will by a reflex act, which may even be un-
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tire venous circulation it may be employed in disease of any part
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an adult, and destroy life still more speedily and certainly