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Warren. — William Teegarden, from Columbus to Marysville. — G. F. Webb,

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facturers, both as regards therapeutic efficiency and absence of toxic

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overdose occur, the relatively wide margin of safety

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the potent drugs of the materia medica. Cases of rheumatism that per-

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may be covered up. If pruned very late in the season, there it,

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fitting, which used to be almost entirely the domain

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work. Doctor Warner's position will be that of executive director

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If obstetrics has any right to a place with the other

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gitis or encephalitis, there may be hemiplegia, monoplegia or paralysis

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disease. The most striking change of opinion was with reference

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from the standpoint of modern knowledge, to perceive how or


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Complete rest in bed was advised, the right leg elevated and

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The latter drug wears out, if continued, sooner than either of the others.

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causes of sufficiently frequent occurrence to merit consideration

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as shaving paper. In this transformation Doctor Weir had an

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of his services under conditons that make it impossible

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past rive years. He had frequent stools with mucus, some blood and a

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M. J. Lichty presented pathological specimens as follows : 1, A gastric

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element contained within it. So it has come about that to this

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ing, as defined by the board, or a license approved by the board

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may be a cause for legal action in New York state there must be physical

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been left for collection at any of the stations is, as is the other local

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Secretary was instructed to reply making it clear that the Academy

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the exceptional cases in which quinin by this method is indicated, and

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the fourth or fifth day, when the inflammatory processes commence to

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factor in many cases of mental deficiency where the external

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edge that the primary responsibility of the doctor of

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J. L. Bubis said that morphin must be used with care, especially if

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light for us to go through ; the high ideals and the wealth of exper-

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acme of specialization, as a cell apart, a law to itself. Yet,

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of chronic infection with concretions and adhesions, the ob-

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small agglutinated masses of myelocytes which otherwise appear

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symptoms watched with the closest attention and this is possible