extent, and may produce such destruction of the coats of the stomach as to
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culosis, therefore, needs critical substantiation be-
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11. Tne remedial substance resists the action of high
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1 889 : At Charcot's clinic of January 22d there was presented a weak,
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These two serums must, therefore, be considered of little if any
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develoi)ed, by Morcau, in 87 it existed at birth, it was developeil in in-
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nearly thirty of the leading neurologists and alienists of
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United States for ten days, in the port from which said
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words. Consciousness is never unaffected in the dis-
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of late, our answers cannot be of any advantage to them or to authors and
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I have drawn fourteen blisters on my side and shoulder. I have
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as reasonably safe. Such a dose is sufficient to kill
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204 ; encysted tumors in the peritoneal cavity 204;
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cated by a thick shadow, would suggest the wall of a cavity ; the thick
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upon its own axis, or upon the mesentery, and twisting of a portion of intes-
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problems of the day ; how indeed in some notable instances we have
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this goblet with a thin layer of the dust, I can plunge my flnger to the
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with loam and vegetable mould* The Valley of Ithaca ia
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portion is connected with Cowper's glands ; while abscesses in the posterior part
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always more complete in the eye corresponding to the side of
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the surgeon is prone to hope, if not to think, after a while,
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Erythro<7tes, 2,200,000; resistance — minimal, 9.34; maximal, 9.22. Oolor-index,
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nitrate in place of the oxide it is stated, that a com-
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The murmur, however, may be produced by the flowing of the current of
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not identical. In fact, in Boldyreff's® experimental studies on dogs, a
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ate medium-sized catgut sutures through anterior aponeurosis of muscles to
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the resident medical man (Dr. Macfie) hails from Scotland,
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radical surgery alone. Further experience at national
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methods. Dye excretion as low as 27 per cent, was found with kidneys
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L'nd. Outdoor exercise and work for the pie- ■ think they have reason to say that orthopaedic sur-
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a few hours afterwards, 16 drops of the mother tincture of
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the two forearms and hands. With the thermometer apphed be-
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My friend. Dr. James L. Little, of New York, uses plas-
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Dogmatic assumptions are out of place and should not be tolerated in nat-
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infer the same effects to be produced when the same reagents are admin-
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emetic be given at the commencement of the disease, they almost al-
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danger of breaking the jaw. The forceps is the only
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In this interesting case during 14 days in which records of the temperature were kept, the