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The Colorado Medical Society wishes to Inform you that they
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to adult age ; we see not a regular uniform advance from year to
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■changes seem to commence in the kidneys or in the heart,
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is relieved by a free incision through the gums and fibrous
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Despite the teachings of biology we are convinced that life is in-
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Bucher, Charles Ambler, M. D Practitioner Illinois.
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ditis, the murmur must be developed under observation ; in other words,
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intra-uterine irrigation, and especially after every attempt to use a
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Dr. William Beverly Drinkard died at his residence in this
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by retaining some of the blood, looks more natural ; and, by
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globoid bodies and recovered before it was etherized for autopsy.
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" Two sanitary authorities still really exist in every urban district,
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and forcibly pulsating arteries tell their own tale.
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Centralbl.f.Chir.,Leipz.,1899,xxvi,721.— Schlicliter(F.)
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tion. The bill provides that only the President, the Vice-Presi-
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obedience to the familiar law of resonance, a given note will
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— F((llopia7i tubes, hxly of titcrus, ovaries, cervix uteri, vagina,
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tions heretofore carried on, the Laboratory is now prepared to distribute
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ten minutes, a needle less than five-tenths of a millimetre in diameter, there is a
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