gout. With regard to protein feeding and its influence upon the

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could read very small type comfoitably. If a patient is to wear

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the remark that such a thing must be carefully attended

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The present Volume is the Twenty ninth of the New Series

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pital gate in the road to see his wife who had been

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mentioned von Kahlden is careful to reserve any definite conclu

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may be briefly summarized as follows Murmurs arising at the mitral valve

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gurgling rose spots. Twelfth day active delirium. Twentieth

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could get away but his family could not he might be

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or less umbilicated appearance noticed in the empty pustules

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small amount salts chiefly sodium and gases. The corpuscles red con

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spaces. Tumor of the transverse portion presents itself at the manubrium

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and the rules determined upon. The institution was opened

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that cold sweats cyanosis and asphyxia follow the pulse becoming smaller

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Several times small junks have anchored at the base of

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ought to be treated by an immediate amputation of the limb. I

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denominated the kingdom of Woo and now corresponding to

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intentions and good plans the people of this city would be

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pleted and asked to have it referred by title to the Committee on

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own satisfaction. I believe myself that the ball was turned by

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Within ten days the lymphatic and connective tissue of the affected

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frame. Two such models are placed longitudinally in

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the hospital he had cough a sore feeling all over the eyes discharged

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a bulging and asymmetry appreciable by the patient. Here however con

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potassium. That was especiall useful in the lesser cases of insomnia.

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Gastric and intestinal disturbance dyspepsia vomiting and diarrhoea have

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While this was true yet this state of society produced splendid

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adorned and still adorn our own profession who have excelled in

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On the 29th 1 grain produced similar results but within a shorter

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perhaps render what follows clearer. The superior mesenteric artery supplies

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intelligent and reliable testimonry as to the responsibility or irre

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Dr MacgiUivray. The first was with regard to medical secrecy.

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their places in these and do not leave them until their

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seemingly exposed and at other times arising as though sponta

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dients. The kidneys do not excrete at a uniform speed during the

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wealthy man who is so unfortunate as to be brought

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By the employment of such an agency the way will be

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to a physician. In dangerous cases when medical aid was required

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spaces. Aneurism abscess and pericardial effusions will be referred to only

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induction of the same state. It seams indeed that the condition

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and impartiality which alone can and will keep the vox ijopuli on

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Treatment. The treatment is wholly symptomatic. Pack the extremi

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The President introduced to the Society Dr Wm A. Hammond

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more to inspect. The old building. Ford s Theatre was abandoned

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very severe convulsion at the seventh month of pregnancyj and mis

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significance of a positive reaction in many cases to explain away

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The PROGNOSIS of adherent pericardium depends rather upon the second

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grains of reduced iron and one minim of the tincture of aconite constituted

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I selected him at random from the middle form and discovered

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knowledge without awy use to the practitioner as such. Next comes

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Chinese and their aversion to foreign innovation. After

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in view. Already there is scarcely a community that is not sufli

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demands careful consideration. Just now we have no comments to

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duct of the body there seems to be but little difference of opinion.

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frequently to apply medicine to the womb internally or externally

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into consideration. Dr. Johnson reports such a case and I quote

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emotional excitement exists the best results will probabl be got

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In a case of herpes cervico brachialis ten administrations of exal

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settlement during the troubles caused by the Imperialists

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removal of loose strips of skin and muscle and mak

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gymnastic training employed nowadays. During the last ten years

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It is said that at the meeting of the Italian Medical Asso

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branes are relaxed and cedematous and petechise may exist. The convolu

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army and conformed to the requirements of military life. The

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get specimens to examine in these cases. He had been round the

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tion. Upon the arrival of a resident medical mission

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ergot itself and poorly prepared extracts undergo decomposition

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remissions in the course of the disease which render therapeutical deductions

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was only 99 and his temperature had fallen two degrees that is to

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fibrin may be found hanging in the ventricular cavity.

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health to leave China for the United States. Dr. Kerr

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at or near the bifurcation. Abdominal aneurisms are twelve times more fre

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casualties which take place during the administration of chloroform.

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tined to influence it in no small degree was the promulgation of the

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Clark C. E. is one of practical importance and teaches many

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Kingzett says in his Animal Chemisty p. 180 In cholera

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and Hodder of Toronto has also been employed in ausemia Pepper

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who in cases of difficulty are utterly helpless. In this

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ishing as it may seem she saw no incongruity. He said My