In tlie chapter on the Rejected Inquiry the author has inserted

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because the best cultivated of tlie applicants last year were men

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is said not to be cumulative but of this one has grave doubts.

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leaving the covering between the fingers. A great improvement as

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while in perfect health was seized with violent headache severe

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also fills the long bones. The evidence of the development of red corpuscles

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th.e last century questioned the advisability of using the trocar. Later in

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remained about the same namely 99 per minute. On the fourth

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be in a very slow or a very rapid pulse or in irregularities.

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turgescence or intense redness of the face or considerable injection

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murmur is detected which is pulmonary or aortic. Usually these murmurs

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Resolved That this Association recognize the fact that the sweep

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lous cities of the neighbourhood. I am very anxious

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breathing act and of aerating the blood. If these measures are

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is based upon the broad assumption that physicians who are sum

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air absolutely or optically pure for the practice of surgery but

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the paths of transmission of motor and sensory impulses p. 40.

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Says he A whole generation of physicians has been misled by

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Mr Wallace repljang to the various remarks said In a

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Meniere s symptoms may arise in a leuksemic case from infiltration of the

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upon whom he had conferred degrees were legally doctors of medi

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where frequently sixty or seventy badly wounded men

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preparing for her graduating exercises she sat on the damp grass in

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change. The changes seem to affect both the parenchyma and the

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tions are to moderate certain dangers associated with hypertrophy and to

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pericardium. Simple cold as a cause of pericarditis is as has already been

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strength of the preparation and the length of the exposure what

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this opportunity of soliciting the countenance and sup

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that it produced any effect on nutrition such as results from the

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At the present time in existing text books and otherwise the

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especially under any excitement but there is not that distressing sense of the

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febrile symptoms would resort to these remedies less frequently.

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Then hygienic difficulties owing to a location in almost every case

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his budding manhood with his future spreading out before him like

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former days is most marked where the previous mortality was

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suggested tying the branches of an aneurismal artery when the main vessel

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to be hoped will be still further encouraged to pro

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in the severe cases has been unusually pronounced the pain intense

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have seen mouth to mouth insufilation in the new born infant pro

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shall be considered unless the same shall have been renewed since

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treatment Weir Mitchell treatment etc.. The Goulstonian lectures

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Palpation may discover a venous thrill at the base of the neck.

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America before its discovery by Columbus is left in doubt bnt

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the only adequate conception of antiseptic surgery and as thus

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profession its etiology is still in dis ute. A lively investigation is

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of acute posterior urethritis frequent and urgent urination

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water with instructions to take in the morning a goblet of citrate

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Age and sex have an undoubted influence in the etiology. The affection

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difference the more rapid its current. The lymph canalicular system is not

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are also numerous other conditions of the thoracic organs which produce

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B. Combination with cor biloculare. Here we have a heart consisting of

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cochineal aud flavored with oils of winter green cloves and pepper