tion and swelling of the vessel walls themselves affecting chiefly

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appearance of such a disease the Superintendent of Health would

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That the quinine has any special influence over the production of the white

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preparing the limb in operating and in dressing should be scrupu

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detect evidences of cancer. Walshe cites a case Avhere encephaloid debris

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in surgery can be determined only by experience and if the sur

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result of chronic malarial poisoning leucocythsemia pseudo leucocythtemia

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States had by their decision in the case of Dent vs. West Virginia

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Indeed the hypertrophy is in almost all instances an unmixed good and

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acid. Some observers declare it to be a mixture of sulfinide and

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see if their reflection be clear and distinct if not nitre

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pension had been employed. Bonuzzi has attempted to obtain all

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relation of the cortex to vision and have come to the conclusion

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For all these reasons gentlemen of the Association it becomes a

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and persistent sweating is also very common during convalescence

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indicative of oedema of the lungs are heard. Percussion gives at all times

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for this new structure about the time of the International Congress.

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removal of the alloy are cast into the usual ingots.

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pock in 1774 the good natured farmer reserving his own case until

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our converts who were anxious to leave the place. A

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glandular irritation and infection and the teeth mouth throat

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maximum of benefit and to reduce to a minimum any risk of harm

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notably and this is of chief interest to us in decomposing animal

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persons of hsemoptysis not due to tubercular or cardiac disease and

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tJie bosom and the jjoisonous viper coiled in momentary apathy

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wound on the lower part of the face which cut through

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writer has resorted to this treatment in an attack of peritonitis

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Dr. George M. Sternberg Secretary of the Commission says

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Quito recently Dr. Claye Shaw has recorded in the Journal a oa se

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the Kentucky State Medical Society May 14th 1879. Published

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the faith of her husband Mahomet though millions who paid for

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in Edinburgh. He thought this was thoroughly and well taught in

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separately and the medicine given any case requiring

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Peritoneum showed no excess of fluid. The mesenteric glands

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drinkers are more likely to be affected than those who used spirits moderately

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voluntary gifts. The pecuniary outcome of his benevolence is

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palpation and on removal of the pressure the tumor immediately resumed

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of yellow fever three of which were fatal. On March 21 1879 six

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patient while residing in the hospital has to provide

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blood poisoning. This likewise occasionally happens when dyatids

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organised gymnastics and games. At St Leonard s and the

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much thickened as they ran through the tumor. The tenth nerve measured

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childhood or early youth and is therefore of special interest to

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nervousness and delirium a Avild expression of countenance eyes

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United States to meet with those excessive hypertrophies of the thyroid so

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its presence. The happy period approaching foetal movements were

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now I will merely resume in a few words the principal conclusions

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plete removal of pain in twenty minutes which was maintained all

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seem to enjoy conversation unless they have melon seeds

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to self conceit and arrogance find that they do not know everything.

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tricle and it is difficult to beheve that this condition will not

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absence of any tendency to extend in the neighborhood or to generalize.

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food everything previously having tasted as if it was foetid.

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These plasmoids are found in the red blood corpuscles of persons

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many sinuses following a hip joint amputation a notable improve

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traveler on the line of the Kew York and ISTew England railroad

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invariably systolic. Balfour reports two cases of a diastolic murmur heard

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work. Under this head are discussed the relative value of the dif

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of the joint since failure attended other methods. Skiagrams of

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sailors from the use of the native spirit sam shoo it is

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sively of the tincture of aconite in doses gradually increased to seven minims

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cancer of the pylorus the most extreme wasting has been found. Disease of

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ment of pulmonary obsti uction or regurgitation. Beyond this their treat

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ment in chest capacity of so vital importance to heart and lungs