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Definition. — A chronic intoxication resulting from the gradual
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hepatic abscess. In the earlier stages this symptom is not pronounced
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In order to make it as attractive as possible, and to avoid appearance
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dio-pulmonary circulation. It often attains to an extreme degree, and
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examination should not be neglected. Percussion reveals dulness if the
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form convulsions have been attributed to their presence.
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latter. The chief causes of chronic nephritis are also capable of setting
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principle of the thyroid gland, as shown b}' Baumann and Ross, and iodo-
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the early stage of the attack Curschmann's spirals (Fig. 44) are invariably
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from this diet should be postponed as long as possible, and the
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Personal Hygiene, W. L. Pyle. $1.50. W. B. Saunders Co.
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of six months, a wet-nurse should be procured. Should this not be prac-
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pation. On the other hand, the worst cases of acute plastic pleurisy —
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of the periarticular osteophytes, or a limited degree of movement may
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intervals. Subsequently, all discharges cease until the following morn-
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as to reach below the umbilicus, and the dilated viscus has even been
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causes producing them — namely, the coexisting catarrh, hemorrhages,
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Bright's, or organic affections of the heart, the pericarditis often precip-
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begins in childhood and causes death in the course of several years.
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peritonitis, but its differential diagnosis is fully discussed and must be
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Rarely, it seems to be primary, no other evidences of tuberculous infiltra-
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basin" for mother when she has "one of her headaches." For these
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physician, according to his personal opinion. The index is unusually
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Malignant growths of the spleen and lymphatic glands, and also a
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Oppolzer, Frerichs, Cruveilhier, Murchison, and others. Cruveilhier
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connected with other organs than the heart, and are due to the irritating
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vical region may be irritated, causing dilatation ; or they may be para-
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dnlness is diminished on the chest-wall, but increased downward and to
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begins in childhood and causes death in the course of several years.
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but life had fled before he was removed from the grounds. The hospital
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dorsal decubitus with flexed leg is noted. If the patient be anesthet-
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soon as plans are formulated by the committees now arranging
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pulmonary veins into the left auricle. It is clear that vertiginous move-
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and cries or laughs without apparent cause. This type of bulbar palsy
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The diagnosis is usually easy. It is well to remember that, since
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peritonitis, but its differential diagnosis is fully discussed and must be
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years. The prognosis of non-parasitic chyluria is good as to life, but
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without the formation of pneumothorax. Besides rupture into the
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toms ; hence the difiiculty in cases in which mj^elitis develops quickly.
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Avould sometimes successfully relieve his respiratory difficulties for a while.
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