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subsided. The results of this treatment were : Three
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ly after he died she went to Albany to visit relatives ; was
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has always been prompt. The child was nursed until the age of five
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is a serum preparation from the goat and the Guinea
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Stomach, pubhshed in the issues for August 20th and 27th,
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itation of Places in the Skin Ana?sthetic or Hypees-
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flow the granulating wound was drawn together with adhesive plaster and
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births, numbered 605. corresponding to an annual death
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gatherings in the interest of beneficence to vilify a
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This blank should be filled out in full by attending physician.
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the first examination, the examination of the blood
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2ist, 22d, and 23d. In addition to a full attendance of the
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the boW'Cls, which did not move after operation, and pa-
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communicable diseases, artificial and substitute food pro-
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pensatory hypertrophies with reference to the application of these prin-
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indivi(hial. and this mentality is the result of educa-
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the early diagnosis of the disease. Rosenberg's per-
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faecal masses the hot coloclyster or enema of soap,
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taining sac was formed by the transverse colon. After the removal of the
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perplexed in the diagnosis between erythemato-squamous eczema and
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law of survival of the fittest by natural selection, unless leaky or clogged
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and thereby the autolysis and resorption of the pus.
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7. The Conservative Treaiment of Furuncle of the Face,
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the treatment of chlorosis may not be out of place. As far as the
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tion, were not found associated, the relationship in the two factors being
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the cause of which is primarily situated in that or-
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these patients recovered, it is quite probable that
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volvement, two out of seven exhibited acid fast ba-
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dered his resignation, to take effect early in September.
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Recommended and prescribed by the most eminent physicians in all parts of the
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rejoicingly laid bare any real defect of character.
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8. Double Dermoid Cyst of the Ovaries with Rupture into
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rules are embodied in ancient surgical maxims. How can one conceive
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of treatment is quite as applicable to dispensarv and
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impossible, the artificial anus is the only and temporary relief.
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that there are other things which will work equally
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oesophagus, the stomach, the intestine, the peritonae-
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Ba.rker (Tram. Clinical Society of London, 1886, xix. p. 109) reports
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dren, and they discussed the relationship of such al-
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everywhere adopted in bacteriological laboratories, and are, though slowly,
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