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his observation as one writer has suggested or else this diagnostic
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muscles but probably no one can become a great runner or oarsman who
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minutes at one s disposal one could really only dogmatically state
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finding certain plans of treatment successful they adapt
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the majority of cases the fatal termination is not delayed many months. In
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good game of football to practise for a race to go through his
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neously in some out of the way place where it would seem there
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Moral Uses. Here we are on firm ground. The development
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red ante mortem thrombi can be detected in bi anches of the sjilenic
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the heart all obstacles in the pulmonary circulation and possibly by analogy
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feebly but regularly 115 per minute. The respiration was now 18.
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generally so short that a physician is rarely present unless they recur after
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teaspoonf ul doses and administer an enema every two or three hours
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cause of grief to the relatives and friends of the deceased.
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ject on which I am entitled to speak with special authority with
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during contraction may be accompanied with considerable dilatation as in
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jeptable to the stomach and harmless under prolonged use.
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the matter in any and every instance. The human organism is too
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mortality attributed in the outset of these remarks to the practicd
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Dr Bruce s resident physicians Drs Greenfield Hewat and
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rate shall be only a fail specimen of results. I was called one
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scanty and its diseased conditions were altogether unknown.
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rheumatic fever typhus typhoid erysipelas etc. The myocarditis accom
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This plan he shows has been steadily growing into use m Scothmd
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the pitiable superstitions by which their minds are now
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changes are peculiarly liable to fever and other diseases.
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leg. The edges of it were undermined greyish and covered with
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absent from the latter situation until cardiac hypertrophy is developed.
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has yielded results which are to be regarded as satisfactory.
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teriorly more tlian the effusions of pleurisy. In the upright position it
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I. Amongst the mechanical causes we should mention all organic lesi ns of
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worthy of note. The exceptions were one case in which amyloid
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truth in his day it was considered an exceedingly dangerous opera
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the former. By medical emergencies I mean 1 syncope or faint
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special danger of athletes and no inconsiderable number of the cases of
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now there appeared to be an indistinct fluctuating area sui rounded
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improving its practice and in consequence the advance