six to one that calomel will diminish the quantity of bile secreted. "So

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the use of fruits has no appreciable influence on the greater mortality of summer.

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cles which adhere to the rib, both above and below should be

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to communicate what the Board considers to be within

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tensive, and usually center about one or two organs, and

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portions VI and VII as follows: Rabbit 2222 (weight 2,500 grams)

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scrubbed and irrigated with a solution of bichloride of mercury

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hence a sedative effect is gained. Quick, intense execu-

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at the margin of the body, the last pair opening in the constriction between

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than have been hitherto generally supposed. And, in view of these facts,

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ing it on the same basis as scarlet fever or smallpox, except

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(d) The Grave Form. — The symptoms may at first be of moderate

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erysipelas in the foetus was due to the streptococci, and took the

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regarded as a minor psychic problem and treated sympto-

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with a troublesome cough, he held his ground fairly well, an<i

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age, he looked younger than when he started, and it

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The nature of the case being sufficiently plain, it was at

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instances the cardiac work, and not alone the blood-pressure, is evidently

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tains a multitude of transverse layers, that, when stimulated,

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tinctly manifested, we seek to arrest them by injecting 15 mgrma.

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96 per cent, alcohol the best sterilisation of the fingers by far

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Etiology. — Any discussion of the causes of constipation must be

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charges, Avhile escaping from the external meatus, have their