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Counter-irritation in chronic bronchitis should be limited to parox-
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DIAGNOSIS. Mild cases of acute catarrhal gastritis are readily diag-
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means of the gastroscope, which is essentially an enlarged ossophago-
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a complicating acute disease, as pneumonia or typhoid fever. In certain
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Alterations of the circulatory apparatus in nephritis are of such
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this disease and independently of it. Many of these localized inflamma-
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sometimes as an illusion. If, however, a perception be entirely sub-
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In men with powerful abdominal muscles the abdominal distention may
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of liquid exudation have been found. Such cases had been previously
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taneously in furious paroxysms, which may occur either by day or by
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upon : Behring considers it to be two hundred antitoxin normals, but
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cotics should be used to procure sleep. It is essential that these narcotics
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presence of which is a means of distinguishing the intussusceptions oc-
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be used hypoderrnically. Alcoholic stimulants and small doses of nitro-
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turbances are often complained of. The patient speaks of feeling chilly
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Active congestion of the lungs may result from prolonged and violent
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ing-water ; although in numerous instances it has been carried by infected
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from the stings of insects. The enlargement of the tongue is due to
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tbttn,ahoald be rigidly ignored, for, on the broad principle of law, in-
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London Qmrterly Revieto. Edinhurg Review. Westminster Review. North British Review.
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gouty subjects. It has no special significance, and is certainly not indica-
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and deep and the expirations prolonged. In other cases inspiration may
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cles lie within the meshes of a net-work, the reticulum, which is elabo-
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TREATMENT. In catarrh of the bile-ducts and the catarrhal jaundice
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ally, the child appearing well nourished and even plump, although some-
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geminus nerve is, according to our experience, more frequently attacked
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cles of food, tobacco, chewed or smoked, caustics, the eruption of teeth
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save by an examination of a piece of the affected muscle or by a know-
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with it, it will be found easier to reverse the lines, that is, to write with
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mostly in males, made by Wilson, the pleurisy was on the left side iu
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MORBID ANATOMY. Death from dengue being almost unknown,
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as well as upon general causes. If gravity determines the position of the
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equally efficient. All acute endocarditis, however, has not been proved
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ducts in the bronchial tubes : hence the child should be encouraged to
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always be taken slowly, a mouthful at a time, warm or cold, but never
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DEFINITION. A chronic infectious and highly contagious disease, due
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extremities are flexed in various degrees, the rigidity is only partially