The second sound of the heart over the pulmonary valves is accentuated
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Our illustrious Commanding General John B. Gordon Governor
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colonics of molecules which come to take their places in the econ
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An aneurism is a tumor and the majority of its symptoms are simply
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This was a clinical meeting held in the Royal Infirmary.
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The urine was secreted in good quantity and there was very little
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The enteritis and hemorrhages caused by the presence of Anchylostoma
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Examiners was establised with headquarters at Goldsborough where
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country and to this end a considerable number of models were
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and clammy teeth chattering face blue and pinched. I thought of
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increased to two drops. Xo dilatation of the pupils resulted. Diuresis
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epistaxis. The traumatic bleeding may result from blows cuts scratches
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state of the unfortunate man was one of such extreme
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would this not be a useful adjunct to the ordinary methods of
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to wellnigh twice its usual size threatening the atieut with suffocation for
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branches were more frequently affected than the vonous. As re
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Assistant Pathologist to the Infirmary he had noticed in cases
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bination of these tAvo a greater or less marked fibrous degeneration to Avhich
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due as lias been suggested to intoxication from the thyroid gland
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have been with justice disputed but his monograph will I think
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The duration of the attack is various from a few seconds to many
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contributed to the resuU. The practitioners of that medical
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The causes of death in pericarditis are various. Death may occur in a
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and again expressed the opinion that he thought the risk of heart
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physiological significance for the organism so much has already
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animal life and health can be ascertained by the experimental use
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regular and often imperfect function of the liver and the accumula
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which have been found useful. The only apparently original sug
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applied under moderate pressure of the bandage. The advantages
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ness and philoprogenitiveness of Gall. Nevertheless Mr. Hollan
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pulmonary capillary circulation even if cardiac thrombosis does not directly
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not being developed with sufficient rapidity in case of extensive embolism to
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instances more consistent than the red marrow of early life.
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yet by any means been proven. The importance of these transac
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where its iri egularly curving and notched border will serve to identify it.
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not continually stare us in the face because not one of them it
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a. The tricuspid valve may be quite rudimentary producing by the regur
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The treatment should be based upon constitutional theory. A
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simple hyperplasia must also be distinguished from other forms of splenic
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violated by means taken to prevent conception or where the act
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now references to more but this tabulation seems unnecessary as the prac
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and fresh air the mental stimulation of unhealthy literature and masturba
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may occur and prove fatal without causing phlegmasia dolens.
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followed by compensatory hypertrophy of the right ventricle and accompanied
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arterial blood has excited endocarditis in the right heart.
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amount of each dose. This method was suggested by the perusal
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re orted as not connected with any organic affection of the heart.
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cal Journal the suggestion is made by a correspondent that two
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Society who by their liberality and personal exertion
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two years 13 cases three years 5 cases four and five years 19
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trition of the albuminous tissues and the surplus which is not so
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growths in general. As a rule a mediastinal tumor recognized at a relatively
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gested that a member of that Board be designated to keep up with
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is removed to another similar recess which is slightly
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Gymnastics were of very great importance and he believed that
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offer but for some reason suspected that he was acting
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These were prescribed for on four days in the week
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occasion was used to communicate religious instruc
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Optic Thalamus on Temperature Diagnosis of Disease of Cor
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tion to wit hypermetropia or far sightedness myopia or near
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table taken from Legroux and which shows the relative frequency of the
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such gases as hydrogen and nitrogen the latter carbonic acid car
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being used see sawing backwards and forwards till the
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As much as fifteen grains of conine and perhaps moi c may be
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no little skill. ild and unirritating purgatives may be given as
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prevent the air from accumulating in excessive quantity Reybard s protected
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times called granulation tissue sometimes presenting other but
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rapid or gradual in many instances not reaching a high grade and not
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condition as pancreatic infantilim thyroid infantilism is even
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compatible with locality etc. It is needless to remind you of the
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labourers. These suggestions contained the following
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A Vesical Calculus Weighing 7f ozs. Removed by the Rectum.
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while frequently the result of imprudence has often been observed