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the cardiac impulse varies from day to day. The impulse is stronger when
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fectly driven through the vascular system of the organ so that wedge shaped
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afterward 2 drops of the pyrogallic solution and a purple color will
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that the collection is purulent paracentesis is indicated. Adhesions are not
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ity is diminished and adhesions take place between their edges which begin
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but insignificant importance. Even in specific fevers the spleen will in most
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quantity. This change is more apparent when it occurs in young persons
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the authorities of North Carolina Insane Asylum at Raleigh but
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Menieriformis and by numerous other writers. In one case Ramsay
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important changes. In the spleen which is usually enlarged and indurated
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foramen ovale may both be found open especially the latter their time of
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which accompanies this condition greatly aggravates the difficulty.
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Splee i. Much enlarged about ten inches long and six broad
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as regards the nervous symptoms which are apt to accomjoany this variety of
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tractions lupus and lupus erythematosus leukoplakia and pruritus.
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portal vein appears to completely occlude the lumen of the vessel.
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permanently and very seldom temporarily absent. A prolonged murmur
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Differential Diagnosis. It is usually not difficult to recognize mitral
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drawn the eye was bathed with hot water atropia was instilled
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within twenty four hours of the first dose of 5 grains. The weight
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ated in the neighborhood seldom reaching the size of a pea. Grawitz has
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sible by sexual intercourse is not known. The treatment was
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far more frequently draws from the patient the Avord comfort
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The second stage of the parasite s growth is the formation of the
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taneous injection of hydrochlorate of pilocarpin to produce absorp
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non febrile cases and Jaccoud reports them in a case of acute
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and that impressions are delayed for 0 036 of a second.
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the emptied suppurating cavity occasionally refill more than once
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corn and other grain may bo kept sound for a much longer period
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more satisfactor on account of its apour being less irritating than
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who in their half starved condition yet rejoiced in their
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