any material degree. The cardiac sounds become less and less distinct as the

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of great experience and truly great worth. His office was what

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twelve hours after the injection. No redness sweUing or other

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excused from going into the botanical history of this beautiful per

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cake. Persons living in the localities referred to may develop this enlarge

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The anatomical changes in the pleura and the subpleural connective tissue

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present in the wound on the tenth day after the operation. The

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compound spirits of ether will succeed in the vast majority of cases

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which the pus exuded just above the middle of the crest of the

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poor and destitute be exposed to these pernicious influences

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It then followed that the muscles of the upper extremities ceased

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shortened to benzoic sulfinide. This particular research had no

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Many years ago 1868 this writer made an examination for a life

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In the spleen as in other organs the causes of hemorrhagic infjirction may

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appetite gastric and intestinal functions between the attacks being

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Palpation. Thoracic vibrations of the voice are not felt over the portion

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analysis of 69 reported cases shows that the disease is most common between

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in this part of China the cities are the most healthy.

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This important inquiry was selected for special discussion at the

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element in those long distance runs which we do not get in the

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branes are relaxed and cedematous and petechise may exist. The convolu

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Four days after the injury inflammation set in which i rodnced

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hours are occupied over a large inscription and when

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In the course of a practice extending through twenty years I

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obstruction of the artery was the cause of collapse of the ductus One

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pseudo leuka3mia will suffice to determine the nature of the splenic enlarge

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our readers who have not yet tested this remedy we advise them to

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dered difficult of attainment by the jealousy of the

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be fluctuations from month to month. They may diminish rapidly and

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as the auricular hypertrophy compensates for the auricular dilatation.

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moderated the scarlet rash had almost totally disappeared the

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the property of staining lardaceous matter red while ordinary tissues will be

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by patients themselves as often as is required. The orifice and the tubes

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rically nor implicating all the muscles in equal degree.

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comes occluded. The external end of the canula has a

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ing and guiding here. ithout all the various forms of athletics

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childhood. During the succeeding pregnancy she was less careful

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even in moderation causes fatty degeneration and other organic

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action of the newer hypnotics will be found in the address whicli

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tions of its development the resultant is the developed specific

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disorder and confusion in the country it was well thai

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value of the remedy I employed no subsequent treatment but left

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when the affection is associated with well marked cardiac lesions and there is

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confirmatory evidence as to the power of only warm air to ignite

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general venous congestion it may be wholly produced by conditions on the

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labourers immediately leave their houses and putting on their

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special connection with the affection but are incident to associated pathological

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half the deaths take place thus early but even after

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normal. The patient died a few months later and a large round

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about eighteen minutes soon after which time the patient fell asleep

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must be offered year by year in their records the surest guarantee

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system of licensing after examination. Illinois through the State

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prevention of disease. In cei tain cases of cramp attended bydila

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anesthetic in order to obtain total relaxation of the muscles of the

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tive value. Many aneurismal tumors are absolutely quiet and some of them

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supervene breathlcssness and palpitations are produced by the most trifling

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and the accounts of epidemics of this disease one is impressed with

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regained his memory. The appearance of his face too was entirely

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the already mentioned modes of the commencement of the disease and give

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cases. He thinks that the sub involution in malarial puerpera

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This was supposed to be done for the purpose of ex

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but his misgivings about his literary ability induced him to with