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The author has dedicated his interesting treatise to Hunter

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month so destructive to comfort and so perilous in its secondary

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arterv. This defect may be accompanied with a rudimentary septum ven

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the cocci were nearly all intra cellular and they appeared to be more

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not be so pronounced as to concentrate attention upon them.

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canula. After Scultetus Lamzweerden used suction and contended that

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displaced and covered up as to elude search. In the central line

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beginning of expiration in an apex as a trivial sign.

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put forth to give this direction to medical study and teaching. The

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the order of things these children might he left an equal chance

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into the pleural cavity immediately and constantly displaces the heart unless

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Dr. Lewis stated that he was called in consultation with the

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pitation in reality causes hypertrophy by increasing the work of the heart for

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This lesion is much more rare than aneurism of the thoracic aorta.

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that of paying the doctoi. Onr most brilliant succeescs are Cer

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Symptomatology. Unless inflammation of the splenic capsule be excited

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son says that after the trial of many other remedies he has settled

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In the way of treatment he has received for the throat a gargle

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Treatment. The treatment combines perfect rest the exhibition of wine

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to the peculiar contagion which had originated each one of tliem.

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there are positive objections of weight to the employment of drain

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treatment of disease and more particularly by many of the bodies

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he had instituted in connection with Professor Klebs of Prag.

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to what a degree hypertrophy of the thyroid may reach without giving rise

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We cannot help noticing among its original articles a full accouut

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The general diagnosis of mediastinal tumor can be more easily made upon

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to remove with much difficulty an exceedingly small fibrous prostate.

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obliged to retire to the city. In these contests many

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great dignity of his character inspired profound respect and evef

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mixed it with native flour and made some cakes. Ten

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He did not fear death but like a Christian philosopher contem

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which was only palliative to prevent the threatened miscarriage

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had by this time been destroyed and of the better class

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tion with foreign surgery which impresses the Chinese

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There may be on inspection a distinct prominence over the upper part of

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if you think that the people want to repeal this law because six

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vomiting with singultus. Pressure elicits a characteristic tenderness if

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experience will prove its adaptability and its usefulness may be

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disease which was first described by Bourneville so far back as 1880.

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a sluggish condition of the bowels. The well known dangers and

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the production of acid indigestion or by excessive exertion which

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after excision of the knee as it ensured rapid ankylosis and by

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wishes to be respectable and by dint of doctoral conduct and

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possible. She was delivered a few days after this of a 12 pound

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he replied that he sold a good deal of the commoner

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the pressure does not exceed two atmospheres and when six to eight minutes

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tint and when deeply colored by red globules they may go through many

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of this connection and very numy are the cases recorded perhaps nearly

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In all those morbid states kumys can be employed with the most

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