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easier maintained in position, and simplifies nursing. In this
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and accustomed to meet strangers. When I referred to her
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zontal position, by leaning him backward in his chair
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the disease ; while it is undoubtedly true that we frequently see patients
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admirably described by Bandl, are formed when nature is un-
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the influence of electrical action on muscular motion through
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further illustrated by the fa< t thai much of the earlier work on com-
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from anolhor Siatr in ai-lniil lonsultation with a duly iiicnscd piiyMician
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attention, as have also those of other works upon the same subject.
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wall adjusted, the defect in the rectus being remedied by trans-
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proaching spring and summer ; stating that the scenes
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Authors of articles iTitended for publication under the head of " original
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highly refractive spherical bodies, the spores, the first and the last
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some carriers, and prevented from emigrating. This is, perhaps,
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urine, as is also the star shape of phosphates. Dr. Harley is,
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given. The Quinine may be given in pil Is, and the Muriate Tincture of
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Armenian male looks around him he can certainly not say
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(2.) a—, signifying that neutral chloro-organic com-
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science of structure. Lastly I desire to say a few words about a sub-
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tules, for the most part, break, and the pus concretes into a thick scab. Over
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purulent vaginal secretion was found coming from a point half
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application are some of the Coal Tar products, such as Zenoleum
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days has reached about io4®F. and remains high for two or three more
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nence in the American Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine and Sv.rgery, edited,
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evident that this success had arisen from the use of
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logical conditions are also represented. It has always been a matter
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deavouring, in straining, to expel something from his bowels,
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way, but subsequently washed with water of ammonia. The object of this
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18. Elman, R. : Parenteral Replacement of Protein with
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ness by the ordinary process of excitation and inflammation and by the
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I t-.'.-H i-jL*;-:j»....a« c.rli*, , '■«. ^ ^\_: ji,v •» ,■,•> ~
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increased rate of oxidation. The same must be true, to a greater or less
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posture and 90 in the erect. After four months' treatment,
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accomplish this object, the following remedies should be had recourse to r
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formation of the haemoglobin, while nothing like this is ever seen in
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with the upper portion pinkish or occasionally covered b}' a dark
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and dilute solutions of phosphate of soda, borax and soda. Tannigen is not acted
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Dr. a. H. Buck, of N^w York, in closing the discus-
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of the fifth nerve for six years. The incision had been made
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mechanical execution of which leaves nothing to be desired,
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Golden Spirit of Scurvy Grass. It is said to be coloured