Other Symptoms of Nervous Exhaustion Neurasthenia. By

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Those rare forms of disease due to hyperplasia or caseous deposit in the

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says If the carcase you are called upon to inspect has been the

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and physicians sce m to have assumed parallel parts in an equally

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acts well and should be combined with stimulants. In the senile and

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These agents of our destruction may work silently but they work

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of the courtly old Virginia gentleman. Let us feel assured he

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executive authority it has occurred to several of the thinking

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extremely soft and this condition has been variously described as inflamma

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administration of Fowler s solution were ineffectual. It was there

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toxicology of man. The researches on medicaments or jioisons are

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The text and wood cuts are so beautiful in their typography it is

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and producing in a short while a Ioav nervous fever with Aveak and

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chest at the lower part of the right chest posteriorly the respiratory

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is rapidly done and is effective the gilt and blue give

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cesses the most that the advocates of this treatment claim is that

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July 7th. Patient and mother both happy no farther night

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central origin. Such abnormal contraction may lead on the one

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house the absence of police regulations for the cleans

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the student have the minutest information from all possible sources

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object of pride and tender solicitude. The writer has heard him

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The first of these is a special predisposition. This is occasionally strongly

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asylums hospitals etc. contour of the earth s surface with respect

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vation and reflection have tended to strengtheu his convictions

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which is thought by them necessary to bring out the rash.

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observer and the presence of fluctuation will of course serve to exclude all

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centur that those who recover from attacks of this disease through

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Committee for the purpose of enlisting the sympathy and co opera

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sometimes end their life by throwing themselves head

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erao e has been well demonstrated l y the English Rivers Pollution

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of its nervous symptoms in its irregular febrile movement in its

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tum and ventricular walls without any implication of peri or endocardium.

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meridian would be greater than that of the vertical. These

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mitted to hospital was suffering from a severe form of diabetes

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for efficiency in the treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis Chronic

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patients. Only a short time since a professional friend informed

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A conspicuous feature of the nervous phenomena of influenza has

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locomotor ataxy but it has happened that no case of this disease

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to a mass occupying the anterior mediastinum. The morbid growth reached

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material to demonstrate from and the patients have an endless

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groups 1. The direct symptoms which are confined to the limits of the

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being required the first for six and the second for eight days.

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stricture thought it had entered the stomach though the patient

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recommends 3ss doses of ether every three or four hours. Fernet recom

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tained that the infrequency is not a normal peculiarity either congenital or

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and under the jaws and even upon the temple and occiput. When

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should if possible be attained in the first place by the combined

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stimulation of the inhibitory centre. This accident is particularly

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such as a sense of suffocation or extreme nervousness and unlike

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changes in the valvular insufficiency. If a mitral regurgitant pulse has any

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month. On March 18th in the 20th week of pregnancy symp

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It is unnecessary to consider its differential diagnosis.

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adhesion of the parietal to the visceral pericardium at the original point of

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enlargement or hypertrojihy of the spleen may develop as a result of chronic

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Now the entire mistake in diagnosis in this case was the existence

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gone on in a sneaking amateur manner before his time. It is not

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simplest so that those who cannot procure any of a standard quality

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sive the right heart and the venous system become still more distended and