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endemicity of this disease. Even a synopsis of the paper would
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to i rotect the lives of the people from such pretences at justice.
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through the press. The Governor General s father had
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To the next point. This particular plan of dressing wounds is
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follows The three candidates having the highest majority vote
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years ago he found there were nearly two thousand insane in the
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ten came to the London Mission and implored refuge.
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young blood which composes it. With such clear headed teachers
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Legg published an important monograph in 1872 and many papers of value
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forwards. He also now suffered considerable pain in the back of
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be placed on the verandahs round the hall and in the
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later she was much better had only vomited a few times had kept
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same man in such very different positions. He had fled
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deeper color may be due to congestion of the blood vessels.
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A Xew Digestive. The American profession by long continued
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decidedly deteriorated form of a known and well approved device
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dollars which are used being all of foreign manufacture.
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On motion it was allowed members of the Board of Examiners
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the anatomical supports and normal position of the uterus. In the
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It Differs in Effect from all others being pleasant to taste
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such illnesses as threatened abortion or in colic and diarrhoea
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With regard to oxygen Leonard Hill had come to their aid
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it is reasonable to give such confidence as this. But it is further
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away. Then this mode of dressing very often irritates as the
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religious gatherings attempts to prevent their passage will almost
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agents and from the dangers inseparable from the use of the more
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like by my premises at which they cast wistful glances
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and in the case of Edes often quoted the asthenia and discoloration may
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substance at a recent meeting of the Therapeutical Society in Paris
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profuse highly offensive and tax severely the powers of the general system
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plish this is the perfection of the art. AVo cannot say more of
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place he has drawn in the above statement a deduction from the
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is an Englishman small dark hair aga about 26 weighs about 1 15
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hospital chapel had been baptized and appeared to be
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The Superintendent by the law is under penalty to make his re
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degeneration of the heart in one case. Regarding the kidneys
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with kindness and as much is done for their benefit as
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I listened with great anxiety to his chest to make out what was
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proportion of fibrin the addition of numerous cell elements not unlike endo
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the form of rounded pedunculated masses as described by Laennec and
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of but under other circumstances in lingering cases with extensive plastic
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pharmacy its use must be restricted as it cannot substitute sugar in
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has been withdrawn but the wisdom and experience of
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Lion of the pupils vivisection alone has been able to teach that the
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A Clinical Lecture delivered at the Pennsylvania Hospital January
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copoeia as many of them have come to stay. In the meantime he
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is an active and frequent agency in the causation of lymphangitis. It may
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in St. Louis. The patient a young man after months of suffering
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Clinicians had claimed before the birth of bacteriology the
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to be the especial duty and province of those of our profession who
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in the twelfth week of pregnancy had awakened in the morning
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sarily so. Were our therapeutic knowledge equal to our patholo
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powers similar to those granted to the medical profession. We wish
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besides bring odium both on himself and his religion
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the poor and destitute but the benevolent efforts of
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once observed a flush around the wound the temperatures never
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