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its danger of sudden death. The statistics furnished by Bellevue Hospital

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the spleen is invaded subsequently to the implication of the lymphatic glands

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of congenital specific disease complicated by various tuberculous

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Whatever defects may be charged against surgeons in the practice

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foreign bodies in the blood current. The fibrinous deposits occur chiefly on

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Health and Vitnl Statistics but in reality we have no State merely

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The PROGNOSIS is always very grave yet cases of recovery have been

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ference of whose chests is less than half the length of their bodies.

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Paracentesis must sometimes be practised to relieve accumulation of fluid

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is a secondary defect dependent on the one hand on a primary obstruction

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kept out of the brain as much as possible. In the trae apoplectic

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with chill were not benefited in a single instance.

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AVith reference to the general tissue changes in anaemia there are two points

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recent pathology. Formerly it was thought that either from over production

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troubles this form is most often seen in women. The third and lowest

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Another point to which Ir Macgillivray did not allude was the use

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within the last four months we have had limelight lectures on

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either the heart or the aorta and involving liability to sudden death.

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than 500 000 cases of the disease. In the government of Irkoutsh which

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and luxations and their method of reduction and on wounds of

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In orthopaedic surgery a long felt want has been supplied and

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and are followed by contraction. Carcinoma often originates in the lymph

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bleedings occur this form is often seen in members of bleeder families and

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great infrequency of angina and the frequency of these varieties of organic

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was caused by a fall during the eighth month of pregnancy. The

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of peri urethral abscess was met with. In only two or three cases

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breathing found in pleurisy for pneumothorax. Some were cases of pneu

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diminished air supply to one or other of the lungs Avhile the respiratory