will add that in the corps to which I was attached chloroform was
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acting oftentimes temporarily in the parent and if they acted during preg
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have come before them and we therefore refer medical
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with the land tax and was ultimately quelled but not
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in others with the ingestion of excess of animal protein food.
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distinct trunks their development results from the division of a common
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governing the health of individuals and communities Avere of divine
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ally patients were seen at the London Mission Chapels.
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bodies known as imides being the imide of benzoyl ortho sulphonic
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presented themselves and we determined to make trial in other
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particulars. I have examined the surgical history of our late war
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they have had nothing to ate for three weeks. If our patient s
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diet and medicine suited to the depraved metabolism which exists
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edly interfered with or when insufficiency of the mitral valves occurs the
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parts and the coracoid process and acromion being nipped off. The
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The symptoms of poisoning by indigestion are soon manifest and
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pinched and ill the nose was blue. He complained of severe tin
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teaching of the Hyderabad Chloroform Commission who claim
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In Cases where innervating constitutional treatment is applied
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diseases. The yellow fever germ in our climate continues active
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those who have been examined and licensed with greater caution.
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relief in twenty hours and the patient then slept for five hours.
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portunity of publicly addressing the people numerous
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death generally 1 to 2 never more than 5 hours after. He was
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The President appointed on the committee to collect statistics