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signs indicate the existence of intra cardiac thrombi. AVhen they are heard

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or Hodgkin s disease there is a well pronounced tendency toward permanent

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developed when the enlargement arises from other than malarial causes.

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Gutzlaff s work on geography written some years ago

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fevers but the exact relation which bacteria and their ptomaines

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horizontal. Hyper resonance is often pronounced over the sternum and

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ner Raynaud. Amongst the coagula least likely to become organized are

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the Board so that there can be no constitutional objection to the

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miscarriage. I prescribed Alteris Cordial which subdued the hem

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innervation 1 in Basedow s disease exophthalmic goitre 2 in long

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circulatory system and its fixation in a particular arterial branch. Already

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distance of twenty five miles had gone and returned in a buggy.

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fatigue or trouble. In fact she is free from her pulmonary trouble

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bronchial tubes which sometimes occurs in mitral stenosis. The secretion is

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tion of subcutaneous surgery Avhich is founded on it.

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Large masses of new bone were present round the right hip and

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typhoid fever nor is there space for consideration of complica

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syphilitic husband and had had a series of miscarriages. After

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which condition in its turn was placed in the position of a common

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intestines were not disposed to protrude. The abdominal incision

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benefits of the hospital. Patients have been received

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calcified plates in endo and pericardium are by no means uncommon.

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fortunately he has now become a surgical practitioner and he

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their eternal interests were not indifferent to their

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Among the inhabitants of Siberia antecedent to the conquest by Russia the

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the kidneys. The means necessary for a correct diagnosis had not

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failing heart digitaline which diminishes the frequency and in

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months standing the patient had consulted other physicians but

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these disadvantages the sparseness of population the lack of large

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by the use of water charged with putrescent animal matter and

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and marriage that was given by continental authorities. Patients

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Primary defects of the systemic side of the heart are for the reasons

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