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eternal notch and terminated in a somewhat diflused thickening of the vis

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Don t fail to make frequent urinalyses in long continued cases of

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Dr J. Maxwell Ross St L uth s Ala.rwelltotan Dumfries

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our pathological knowledge is in advance of our clinical.

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Evervthing which relates to this critical period of our national his

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the suspicion that a given splenic tumor may be syphilitic. Jullien it is

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shoulder joint the bone Avas easily raised from its periosteal cover

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The inner ear was almost normal there was no haemorrhage in

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Late Su j jestions on Ozoina. Dr. Frankel in Virchow s ArcJtir

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attributable to their exciting cause. Medicines again

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degeneration of coronary disease and of valvular affections is usually more

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has received the plaudit Well done good and faithful servant.

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regurgitation. A tricuspid regurgitant murmur is never audible above the

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be appreciated when I mention that there is no com

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of acute rheumatism with endocarditis which justified the diagnosis.

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decided impulse. Hope s paper endeavored to prove that pleuritic efiusions

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Dr Allan Jamieson remarked that in calculating the duration

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DrJ. Rutherford Morison Saville Row Newcastle on Tyne

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Mrs. twenty two years of age three years married had a

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the restriction of liquid diet the stilling of cough and the use of

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of the interference with the capillary circulation and the liver becomes

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maintain a full average amount of health. Though sal

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bearing upon the history and labors of the medical corps of the

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necrosis from infarction. The pancreas presented no abnormal

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perforation. Alcoholic and diffusible stimulants may sustain the heart in

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in thickness but the appendix particularly the musculi pectinati may bo

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erdployed also in various nervous and debilitating diseases with success.

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Let it be observed however in passing that although the germ

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made and a large number of the jylasmodia malarim were found

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necessary risks and they should not be avoided there was no way

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Law. The Physicians and Householders Blanks are furnished for

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evidence with regard to the duration of the discharge in cases of

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of seeing how far tlie treatment resulted in permanent gain were as

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phatics are dilated red corpuscles being found in lymphatics. By ftir the

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possible time and third that it should be handsomely engraved

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from the fact that in consequence of the perineal abscess and coex

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mortem examination showed the presence of hubbies of nitrogen in the vessels

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for the destruction and necessarily deadly perforation of it.

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monary circulation is impeded the pulmonary vessels enlarge and they may

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exercised capriciously and without the reign of law. A curious and

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pericardial effusion need be specially mentioned. This may present very

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observation would continue to affect insanity and his condition still

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control the inspiratory movements on renewal of positive pressure. Anstie

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of the food which i gt devolved during the metamorphosis of diges

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In the last case the incomplete success of the first effort was

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formation and quality of sound elsewhere. They are the rapidity and force

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that they resemble a sieve. An increased flow of water can there

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length. The ends of the portion of fibula were pointed and driven

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umst necessai ily be inferior to the solution of the same substance.

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other Local Disease. The author thinks too small a proportion

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temiperature has gradually fallen. On lumbar puncture the cerebro

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dulla oblongata the animal being of course under artificial res

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consecutive. These dilated tubes may become filled with pus from associ

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we suppose that in some epidemics and not in others measles

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clearly determined but still highly probable. The distinguishing

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stances containing saccharine peimitting however a restricted

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citrate and bicarbonate of potassa and other mild diuretics and

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rather than bring all professional remarks into one

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the practice in question has already contributed to the cure and

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removed in about 45 seconds so that the figures in the columns

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part of the suburbs called Li kia chang which is allotted