sequences of this tampering with alcohol as a medical agent and

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damp rice in a basket on a little bamboo trivet in the

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not be detected. After death the pericardium was found to be distended with

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Several times small junks have anchored at the base of

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every organ but the brain. The true position forms

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water by natural channel and is making a good recovery.

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virtues contained or combined in some of his own products rhu

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terms post mortem and ante mortem as being the only suitable terms with

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the parting of the organic from the chemical substances said to be

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sugar in the several parts of the circulatory system the derivation

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also fully satisfied with the amount of benefit derived from its use.

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and the boiler being covered in like the steam oven

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being cultivated as an ornamental plant and for medical purposes.

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not be so pronounced as to concentrate attention upon them.

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It may seem a comparatively easy task to determine how far the

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able cells are found filled Avith blood corpuscles and blood pigment in all

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which with the pad they make a few dabs of the blue

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look upon the v. hole business of medicine given as unscientific and

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steadily forward without relapse after confinement and three

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people to shut the doors and as they dared not offer

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attack of hematemesis. he represented himself and evidently be

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topples over in a situation where she cannot be harmed by the fall.

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insisted that he had not. The stricture has been dilated now to

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physicians registered and unregistered in the State he explained

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with that of Shanghai. As this latter has for a series

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tinctly. The respiratory murmur may be whistling over the region of the

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assimilated. When it is advisable to administer a bitter tonic

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the statistics of the same author give the following cutting of the frtenum

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justifies quarantine compulsory vaccination sanitary sewerage and

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either of impoverishment of the system or a pre existing disease constitutional

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The radiogram of the spine and pelvis shows a faintness of bone

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cal course at the University. It would appear that all parties

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forth until the fourth Aveek although superficial traces of a furroAv antedate

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ring. When all the sutures are tied the sac and muscular tissue

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The stomach also must have all the rest compatible with the most perfect

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This condition may occur as the result of inflammation which has stopped

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are much more difficult than for any other and the suc

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fore more honourable. They who are selected for the

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their clothes under the care of a keeper who supplies

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ing five cases amyloid changes were found in one both in the

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bly punctured an one side by the broken ribs as emphysema was

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pressure symptoms of an aneurism and was diagnosed as such the mistake

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heart being present such cases are on record though only sparsely scat

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this time honored Society and can remember no time in my life

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The source of infection for the first case unfortunately could not

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considered desirable to make any attempt to reduce the dislocation.

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ful reading of it will show the scope of the observations necessary

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to sanitary measures with concise and explicit directions as to the

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Bramwell for observation but during the five weeks she remained

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This investigation will require mucb time but the results will it is

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hearers. If the patients have not given satisfactory

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Simple lym ihangitis may be either reticular or tubular. In the former the

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For nutrition and growth it depends on the mother. The quality

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the body temperature sinks as low as 67 F. although carbon and

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measures recently put into operation by State and municipal

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senile condition of the vessels. Allbutt says that in Leeds quite young men

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thus able not only to study more satisfactorily the naked eye ap

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such trifling complaints as obviously would not render the meat

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nal layer of the venous wall is first affected and the others subsequently.

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injection every fortnight of 5 or 6 grains of the same drug. The

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the metric system of weights and measures. At first sight it would

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whatever cases to which in our present knowledge we may apply the term

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digested without exciting undue motion when it reached the bowels.

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often the face. On the mucous and serous surfaces they are less common.

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and no symptoms of importance arise so long as the compensation is perfect.

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death with the exception of zymotic diseases pneumonia and

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longed demand for stimuli in acute troubles that its administration

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